Your opinions please

We have a local mailer that a lot of our rural and small town residents use to pick services. I’m putting a full page add in both editions they have which hit adjacent geographic areas. For $550 I’m getting delivery into 7400 residential homes for three months. I’m hoping this is an untapped gold mine over here. Most of these residents are retired, living in nice homes with some expendable income. I just did an estimate for a lady last week for a job at close to $1200 and she was talking about all her neighbors that have more money than they know what to do with. She was the one who suggested getting in this mailer because everyone around there uses it.

Let me have your opinions on the ad I’ve designed.


I like it

I like it as well. I’m guessing the mailer is not color though?
Still, it looks good in black and white.

Looks nice, but imagine your the homeowner and you start reading this ad. The header and your business name are specifically about window cleaning, and the majority of the ad is about roof cleaning and soft washing. Could that lead to some confusion?

I’m in the same boat sometimes, with the We Wash Windows name. So I target one service with a nice headline pertaining to that service, logo and name on the bottom.

I thought the same thing as Micah, pretty much exactly.

Like the layout a lot though.

My first thoughts are similar to Micha & Michael. Are they window cleaners or roof/soft wash cleaners? I guess it doesnt matter but we do box ourselves when our name has window cleaning in it. I’m in the same boat. But if a lot of people have those black marks on their roof they prolly dont care about the name and just see that you offer the service to eliminate the uglyness. I hope its successful for you.

It work for the pressure washing angle and you can get at least some upsell on the windows.

Thumbs up. Good luck with it.

I’m on Tapatalk, so I’m not looking at the flyer, but maybe you could abbreviate your company name to “TWG Cleaning” for this piece, just to remove any confusion. It’s a simple step, and if it removes an obstacle that would’ve kept one customer from calling, it’s worth it.