Your ruthless criticism welcome

I’m hitting the streets later this week or next in an effort to develop a small commercial, monthly route. I’ve attached my business brochure and brochure insert I’m planning to use. Your looking at an insert page that has multiple inserts. I will cut these so that one insert goes in each brochure, with just the top three lines sticking out. Please let me know what you think

I think I’ve read here that when introducing this service I may be asked to do the first washing on the spot. Most of my work involves invoicing, but I’m thinking for commercial it will be a cash payment with a cash receipt on the spot. Is that correct?


Hi Eric, I couldn’t open your broshure file, but i saw the file with the “$1.00 per pane”. If it were me- i would start with really nice full color cards-that focuses on your services, and I wouldn’t elude to the fact that you’re a new company. Like sayin, “introducing…” kinda gives me that impression. And i wouldn’t really tie yourself down to a price right off the bat. when you mention $1 per pane, then thats what they expect.

commercial is very fickle, spending a lot of money to hear no all day might make you mad…imho

i know being new you might not have the dollars for kick as brouchures and such, but if you can spend do! it is all about imediate perseption to land or even get your foot in the door (imo) nice biz cards full color 2 sided glossy will run you $99 from i order from them and they are great…

“You will like what you don’t see” Man that’s good. I like that. In commercial, I don’t think you really need anything too splashy because you are providing a negative equity service. I think your flier will work just fine.

Keep in mind: I am not a commercial guru as I am only about 20% commercial myself.

I couldn’t open it either.

[CENTER][FONT=“Arial Black”]You have to open it with publisher.[/FONT][/CENTER]

Your guarantee sounds sketchy. I would roll with the total satisfaction or your money back thing.

It works and no one has asked for there money. Or not paid… Yet.

I don’t know what this means.

Well, everything you think you know is probably wrong anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Negative Equity is a situation in which a fall in prices leads to a property being worth less than was paid for it. A negative equity service is one which money is spent on the property but does nothing to improve the value of said property.

Yes I know that window cleaning can generate a return on investment and have many intangible benefits, but it cannot increase the value of the property like say landscaping or painting would.

I see…I think…

Actually, no, I don’t think I get what you mean.

I can’t harmonize these 2 things:
“can generate a return on investment”
“cannot increase the value”[/INDENT]

What about the data (“…clean windows generate the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling…”) provided in the Money Magazine (June 2003) article referencing the National Association of Realtors?

Is it also possible that window cleaning could increase the value of a business (as opposed to property?)

Kevin, It’s just a way for financial people to differentiate between services which will actually increase the value of the property as determined by property valuation assessments and those in which money is spent on the property with no increase in the value of the asset.

Window cleaning can provide a ROI by improving the selling price of a home or bringing back customers to a business, but clean glass will not increase the value of the asset.

Eric, I cannot suggest nothing about that since I’m 98% residential , but I’d like to ask you about that ceiling/wall cleaning … can you explain me that a little better ? You can do it here or PM if you prefer

Thanks and good luck with the new campaign

Ahhh, I figured it was some kind of subjective real estate silliness like that.

Kind of like how cleaning my car doesn’t increase its inherent value, right?

Even though it would certainly help me sell it for more money, more quickly.

Thx for the explanation.

Hey Chris, just got to thinking, does posting this get me into the business docs?


yep just email me the document with your full name

You may add “Per pane per side” if you are only charging $1 per side they may be expecting both sides for that price.

All good feedback. Glad I decided to wait a bit and see what you all had to say. Does anyone have the full text and reference for the Money Magazine 2003 quote. Could be killer ad text for our area.


I understand Money Magazine has contacted individual WC’ers in the past with regards to removing the magazine cover image from their websites and advertising (copyright thingy.)