0° Unger swivel handle

I love the 0° handle for solving some tricky situations.

I would normally do an eyelid window using a ladder but what if there was a piano in front?

I find the 0° angle handles also helps in commercial jobs with deep mullions. An alternative to a ledger.

Anyone else use the 0°?

I use it for most windows. It just feels comfortable that it parallel with my wrist.
I love it!

You can also fan with the zero degree if you have the twist lock loose enough. Much like a wagtail or procurve.

Ive tried this on a few occasions. I found it extremely difficult and frustrating…But it absolutely can be done.

I find it’s a handy tool when you have to pole windows with huge obstacles in front. It’s like you’re horizontally poling. The 0° helps you keep the rubber at the proper angle.

It’s also a good problem solver when you have deep commercial mullions.