0040 nozzle

anyone know where i can find a 0040? cant find one anywhere

Is this what you’re looking for?

No. Thanks though, I’m looking for for the soap nozzle

Just type soap nozzle for pressure washer in Google search

I did but I seem so only be able to find anything other than 6540. Pressuretek has a 2540. No 0040 though

Pressure Tek definitely carries zero degree tips- 0010 and up.
They do have a minimum order, though. If you need just the one tip buy a brass hose barb and use that.
It won’t be as durable but it will get you by in a pinch.

They sure do. I just got mine a few Weeks ago.

is it the quick connect? i’m either not seeing it or they are out.all i see here is 2540 and 6540

Real nozzles don’t come quick connect with a plastic cap. You get the nozzle and qc separately.

damn… i knew this day would come. me and my tips just got called out for being fake

Let’s say “semi-pro” instead of fake.

Lol. Thanks


you need to look in the 1/4 meg nozzle section