Has anyone used this toll free number for business listings? Doesnt cost a dime and automatically dials the number for you no charge. Ive been using this thing since summer 2008. Leave it up to Google to come up with something like this. I use it constantly.


Did you know you can text GOOGLE and get the same information? Free as long as you have a texting package, or remain within the limits. Let’s you call the buisness by pressing send while the number is highlighted as well.

I use the internet on my phone to search google, but I used to text google all the time. It will even give you movie listings and weather if you type movies followed by your zip code, or weather followed by zip. Not sure what else it will give you…

That is what i used to do before I stumbled across this. I text but im not super speedy at it. I have the Goog 411 number stored in my cell. I just call the number- hit speakerphone- tell it what city state- business name and it connects. virtually hands free. Thats why i like it so much. Google doesnt charge you a cent for it. It does count as a minute depending on your phone package-just like a text plan.


I used to use 1-800free411 but now I use Goog411.
The google version is so much better. No annoying commercials and the voice reader is spot on.