1 Week Left

Iowa is just 1 week away, well actually 8 days… July 31st!

Midwest Window Cleaning Convention

Its going to be a super great business building event, greet BBQ food, thousands of $ in giveaways. A amazing $2000 grand prize, and the whole thing is completely free.

If you are planing on attending (and I know you are ) please use the sign up form at the bottom of this page:

Midwest Window Cleaning Convention

See ya there… Oh and if you are planning on picking up a WFP anytime soon. This will be the place, not only will there be tons of brands there but we are giving everything away at cost so we dont need to ship it home.

Can’t wait! See you there!

[B]Note from our Keynote Kevin
Wow, only a week away.


It just dawned on me that you might appreciate some more information on what to expect from my portion on the program.

If you were wondering what I’m gonna be talking about, (9:15am-11am Saturday) I’m gonna be delivering a brand-new, never seen before visual presentation on advanced marketing, including a whack of new never-before-seen examples, and an intensive education about some super-cool powerful stuff I’ve never talked about before.

I guarantee you will not only thoroughly enjoy it, but you will also feel more empowered and motivated to create powerful and effective marketing tools than ever before.

It’s not going to be the IWCA keynote presentation all over again, either.

In the past two years, I’ve given keynote presentations on window cleaning marketing in four states (Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Maryland) for the AUWC, IWCA, MWCoA, and of course, WCR.

This upcoming event in Iowa (in 8 days) is gonna be the best presentation I’ve ever given, for real. You’re gonna love it. My goal is to provide you with $2,000 of practical, tangible value in 105 minutes.

Think of this, too:

If you wanted to buy 60 minutes of my time as a marketing consultant, it would normally cost you $297.

If you wanted me to come visit you in real life, in person, it would cost you $1997.

I’m flying into Iowa, and will be presenting almost 2 hours of content and fielding your window cleaning marketing questions on WCR’s dime instead. WCR is covering all the expenses for me to come and teach, so that this Iowa event is free for you.

You will receive a serious, advanced marketing education.
You will not regret any efforts you make to be there.

You get the idea. Come. Don’t you deserve it?

If you can’t stay all day, come for the morning, and enjoy the free lunch that Chris and Alex will provide (just make sure you register so they know how much to order).

I’ll see you there.

This is gonna be a good one.

Can you afford to miss it?

So far we have about 75 Window Cleaners signed up for this:

Midwest Window Cleaning Convention

4 - Days left to sign up - and it is totally FREE.

Hey Chris are you guys going to have shirts up there for sell?

I’m so disappointed that I can’t be there. We’re leaving for Atlanta tomorrow through Sunday. Maybe next year…

For Free Curtis!

That is too bad, I would have liked to meet you, Steve.

Maybe you could sneak away a bit and catch a live feed from WCR for parts of it…

Wow!! That all sounds great!!

Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it. So Chris, how’s about I give you a brand new great marketing idea, that will [B]make you $300.00 dollars instantly!!![/B]

Get someone to video tape it, put it on DVD, and I’ll pay you $300.00 dollars for it. Then, if you wanted, you could also put it for sale on WCR.

What do you say? You like making money right?? :cool::cool:

Let me know…


Or you could catch it in New Orleans, Charlie.
If you’re hurting for gas money to make it across the Lake I’ll come pick you up.

What does this mean? Are you saying that the event will have a live feed that can be viewed by us if we can not make it to Iowa?

My wife and I drove from Colorado to Philadelphia to visit family and friends on the east coast. We were planning to leave Philly on thursday to drive back home and to make it to Iowa City (which is exactly 1/2 way) on friday. But different things have come up and it is becoming too tight of a schedule to make it driving. I am really torn about what to do. I am so looking forward to meeting some of you guys and to learn from you all. Like Kevin says in his new book, I am already the best window cleaner around, but what I need is to perfect my marketing skills. I am paraphrasing from Kevin’s writing as it spoke to me. And when I read that Chris is going to speak on a business model, my first response is ‘what is that?’ I guess mine would be wing it.
Flights at such late notice are around $650 round trip from Philly to Iowa City. So I am still weighing what to do.

I’m not sure what Chris’ plans are, perhaps I spoke too soon.

I will say that[B] being there in real life[/B] is far better, even if a live feed is established.

Ha Ha Ha, (but if you want to give me gas money, I wont turn it down!! :cool:)

I actually might be able to make it, I have some plans going on that week right now, but I am going to see what I can do.

However the offer still stands Chris, Interested??


Last year we video taped segments. Maybe the same this year.

Heck yeah chris. I like free shirts. I am a fat sob so i need a 2x, i hope u got em. Also is there going to be any rainflow on hand

I’ll have a few pieces from my own stock for the segment on business add-ons.

LOL. I need a 3x.

Yes, I was hoping there was going to be some of the small sales displays of Rainflow available.

If you hurry as of right now and go through expedia.com they have one room left at the hampton inn for the event . but if you call the hotel itself they will say they are booked. Im out in cedar rapids since it was half the cost of the hampton inn.