100,000 Solar Panels

I got a call today to quote a 100,000 solar panels. I live in San Diego, I’m just wondering if anyone else got this call too! At first he said it would be 1,000 and then he said that the investors he is representing would quickly put in place 100,000 solar panels for a solar farm in San Diego. I was a bit taken back, I told him that I charge 5$ a panel so $500,000. I called him back later with a lower bid which I can’t reveal but needless to say it sounds like a long shot! Especially since they want it every month.

If that happens then my entire business will be cleaning that solar farm every month and nothing else!

Whats the lowest you would go on something like this, as one would have to purchase several vehicles, large water tanks, generates and hire several employees?

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Thats an amazing offer. Not sure how low I would go, maybe $3 a panel. Still that would be huge. I would be worried about relying my income on one client. Things happen and if you lose the contract you sunk. Could you hire just for that job and keep the rest of your business going? Let us know how it goes, Half or quarter a million a month??? not too shabby. Good luck

My thought on that is that their would have to be some sort of contract upfront and assuming that they make it even one month which they would with that kind of backing then I would pay off all my expenses in the first month and have cash flow. If at some point it no longer worked out then I could just return to where I am now.

How big are these panels? I’d probably charge $1-1.5 per panel for a monthly contract

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Sounds to good to be true. but hope you get it, depending on the price and size its strange they don’t clean them in house.

For that kind of cash I would hire employees to maintain that account. Keep your other operations going because if you stop that its starting over again because someone else would be in line to get your customers now. Your present customers will remember that you left them high and dry, so its not going back to where you are now, its starting over. imho

I got a call from a military installation in South Jersey last year for a bid on 10,000 solar panels. I didnt want the job, but still bid it at $5 a panel, because apparently they were caked in bird crap.

I got out-bid by $45,000! Thats right, someone came in FORTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS under my bid. $0.50 each.

I guess Fish opened a shop in South Jersey lol

Sounds like a really sweet deal, good luck with that.

What are the sizes of these panels? How close together / far apart are they? Are they all in one location or would you be traveling between farms ?

probably just hosing them off, lol

I have had large accounts at $1 a pane and came out waaaay ahead on pmh, depends on panel type and whats on them and access of course, that was dirt only and power washing

The panels are 5’X7’, I believe they are at ground level and I assume on flat dirt. They will be brand new! Thats about all I know right now. I would think that they would want to clean them in house as well but maybe their thinking is outsource to someone who all ready knows what they are doing.

wow that’s epic! maybe I should look more into solar panel cleaning hmm.

haha forget being an electrician Trent, we should move to where you guys are and start up a window cleaning round, take over Kiama!