107 degrees +French windows= HELL

Started work at 9 this past Saturday. We roll up and the whole front of this house is frenchies. Did a phone estimate and forgot to ask. It was so friggin hot that my squeegee handle was burining my hand! My ladder was burning my hands and my shins! These windows were really dirtyand we couldnt use the pole because I forgot to exchange my tank.

Everything was burning me. The hose nozzle , my watch, my own clothes, squatted down and my shorts were burning my calves. Got on the roof and my shoes were so hot my feet started to hurt. Had a few beers the night before so I was sweating buckets. Horrible day! The customers were awesome they gave us water, soda and even brought us El Pollo Loco. Two whole meals.

They must have seen me crying and taken pity on us.

Sounds like my worst nightmare! That many frenchies and no tank.:eek:
Glad to hear your customers were good to you!

And on a Saturday no less!

That’s only ONE of the reason why I rather go to do on-site estimates.

I’d have re-scheduled if I were you.

I dont do onsite estimates if the customer says they have ___ many windows , or if I’m not gonna be in that area before they want the job done.
Plus then I wouldnt have had El Pollo Loco(or the sunburn I still have)

Here in Houston there’s El Pollo Bravo :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel for you man. I have had a few of those. Nothing like leaving a tool on the back of a black truck for a couple of hours on days like that. You would think you left it on the stove. Very hard to keep a professional clean appearance on those days also. After 30 minutes from all the sweat and junk I know I look like a mess. We have been lucky here this year though. Well I’m not sure how lucky, it rained so much. But the heat was not bad here this year. Maybe 1 or 2 days max we were lucky if we hit 99. Last year I did reschedule a job on a hot day though. By the time I hit the house at 10am it was already 100 and I just told the lady sorry. She was cool with it and I had an opening a couple of days later.

I’m with you on that Ray, keeping a clean image while working on days like that is impossible even if you change clothes in the middle of the job, or in between jobs - I always excuse myself to the customer for looking like that and they understand, i know is redundant but to me it makes a difference telling them.

No rain at all here this summer, but temps were sky high, heat index of 111-113 some days, freaking humidity.

Now Hurricane Season is on full steam , let’s see what happens.

hope no one from here is being affected for the fires in Cali.

the fires might become a huge problem. Im lucky enough to be a little north of the LA fire. If we get a full on fire season people might just wait on window cleaning. But once the fires are over it’ll be slammin. I also hope everyones not too badly affected by the fires.

that when you trip and fall into the pool!