12 on 12 French Panes

What is the going rate for 12 on 12 French Panes?

Do you have a pricing structure in place for different kinds of windows?

Per pane pricing for French panes usually runs between 75¢ to $1.25 per pane per side - depending on where you live.

I’d go between $25-$35 depending on the size of the panes. That’s for cleaning inside and outside.

Yes I do. French pane windows I don’t do often. Is $15 too cheap for inside and out?

Is just under 32¢ your standard French pane price?

Thank you – Very helpful. Need to charge more.

Do you mean 12 over 12 Double Hung ?

If they’re in good shape, I’m at $22 for a 12/12. $14 base price for a double hung, plus 33¢/pn. I’ve found this structure to be profitable for me, pulling the same hourly or a little better than cleaning standard windows.

But after seeing what some of you guys charge, maybe I’ll bump it up to base charge + 50¢/pn. That would bring a 12/12 to $26

Check this out. This quote is from there if you scroll part way down

—>“Another type of window you will come across is a window with a bunch of small panes, usually having ten to twelve small panes in it. These are called divided lights, or French cut panes. A good amount to charge for these since they are a lot of work is $1.50 for in and out cleaning or $1 for outside only.” <—

How to bid

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The double hung that is $14, does it include the screen or is the screen priced individually.

Yeah, includes screen washing.