12 years of experience in 1 year

I just ran into another window cleaner in town at the gas station. When I first started doing this, he was kind enough to give me some advice and even threw some work my way to help me get started. It was good to see him after not talking to him for about a year.

We were talking shop, discussing things like new tools for window cleaning, marketing, employees, etc. You know…the normal shop talk among window cleaners. But what struck me early on was the fact that I sailed right past him as far as my overall knowledge of the business, which shocked me because he has been at this game for over 12 years.

It became abundantly clear to me that the reason why I had moved so far past him was because of the WCR forum. I have gained more knowledge from this forum over the past year or so, than he had gained in 12 years.

It also became clear to me that if a window cleaner plans on succeeding in the future, he had better be on this forum on a regular basis, or else his competition that is actively out here will eventually crush him.

Well said Brett! Many years of experience are quickly being eclipsed by the educational power of this forum. We can get answers to problems in days that others may have had to stumble upon over many years on the job.

I second that! I can’t believe what I assumed I knew but didn’t until I started going on to the forums. And this one is by far the best.

I have been remiss of protocol and so will introduce myself. I am Dale. I have cleaned windows off and on for thirty years. My back ground however is mostly building maintenance, construction, and custodial. I am building a window cleaning business in north east Ohio.
I have to say that you people are amazing. All of you. You each have some knowledge, wisdom, or experience to share and you do so freely and in support of other window cleaners. This forum is an incredable education that couldn’t be bought. From the gentlemen that operate this forum, to the old timers, and the newbies, and eveyone in between, I thank you for your input and I hope to recepicate.

Well it’s not every day that I “liked” every post in a thread…in fact, this has never occurred until now;)

Good stuff for sure…

Well put Brett,
I am a newby as well. The knowledge and willingness of the people on this to help my ignorance and inexperience is awesome. I feel very blessed to have discovered this forum and WCRA when I first started my WC business. After using the postcards and learning to price for my market I completed the largest wc job for me to date, 12,500 sqft residential. If not for this forum I believe that opportunity would never have been available. And my gross income on that job was $97/hr!!! Thank you Kevin D. the advice about obsessing over my USP was dead on target.