12x8 enclosed trailer setup

Figured I’d put this one up since I’ve done some updates.


I like the enclosed trailers an the box trucks , but for me I’m going this route. I don’t want to tow anything , An I can’t fit a box truck where I’m at. Not paying for a parking place for a box truck. So this baby right here with a Proportioner , an a 3/4 booster pump is the way I’m going. This is my friend Rob’s set up he just got it this year.

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What are you paying for the 5 gallon jugs of Pool shock ? We’re @ $12.50 here
Figured I share this because like a dummy I’ve been using a pair of channel locks
Until last week :joy:

That’s really nice. I love how tidy everything looks on those setups.

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Haha yeah it helps to have the right tools! We pay like 15.xx. I get it from a pool supply place. Do you do the same or do you get it somewhere else?

Yes !!! I get them from a pool supplier wholesaler.

I asked my local pool supply store about these mythical 5 gallon jugs, they said it’s not legal in KY to sell them to the general public…something about hazmat rules. Doesn’t matter if I’m a business, they don’t sell them anyway.

Who do they sell them too then ? I know you said they don’t sell them , I would look further into this. Doesn’t sound right !

Right? I was nonplussed. The gallon jugs are fine for now though. She said something about only commercial pool companies with proper licenses being allowed to buy them…

I like your trailer wrap, Malone. Looks really good. I’ve always loved enclosed trailers-- you are a driving (or sitting) billboard.

Thank you! We really saw a big uptick in business when we got it done. It reinforces in people’s minds that you are a legit business.