1300 Feet of High Dusting

So I have another opportunity to bid on a high dusting job. They are only wanting area where the wall and ceiling meet dusted and then around the bay doors and the one section above the windows. They are mostly concerned with the spider webs. I would guess it is about 30 feet to the ceiling. They have a lift that I can use. According to the blueprints, the perimeter around the factory where they want cleaned is around 1300 linear feet. Do yall use any formulas when calculating this kind of job? Usually for high dusting I kind of just eyeball it, but they are usually substantially smaller.IMG_6144


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I would split it up into segments to get a better feel for how long it might take.

For me, I would be thinking seriously about using a backpack vacuum with a wfp to do the dusting, so I would break it down into 200’ sections (100’ of power cord, two ways)

1300/200 = 6.5, so 7 times I’d have to move from one zone to the next. Could I vacuum all the required surfaces within that 100’ radius within 1 hour? 2 hours? 45 minutes? I’m not really sure, just looking at the pics. Also, 30’ might be a bit much, doing it all from the ground.

But that’s the basic way I would approach the estimate. Break it down into more manageable chunks.

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