1st bid tomorrow

I have my 1st bid tomorrow and she want more then just windows done, an was wondering what it would cost for a house like this in your area.

Welcome to Erie County, Pennsylvania

Here is what she wants a bid on

Windows inside & out with screens
Siding down streamed
Clean rear 8x8 wood deck & sealed

Just trying to get an ideal what others may charge for the same.

Hey there! I’m in the other corner of PA, Wayne Co.
I’d get 10-15 per window depending on traveling. Assuming the other 2 sides of the house are similar probably $175 for washing siding. In dark about the deck.

If you don’t have the equipment for the deck refer it out to someone that does that kind of work. Doing something your not ready to do, or don’t really know how do can make you lose money. For example I refer out blind cleaning to a cleaning company and in return they refer to me when people ask them about cleaning there windows.

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