1st on Google

Hey Doug, I love you! No really I LOVE YOU! I just check google and Im #1 for [URL=“http://kentuckywindowcleaning.net”]
Window Cleaning Louisville and [URL=“http://kentuckywindowcleaning.net”]
Window Cleaning Louisville Ky . :smiley: :D. If for some reason this is not right I still love ya. :slight_smile:

I just checked and from what I see, you’re on page 1! Congrats!

Im not #1 for [URL=“http://kentuckywindowcleaning.net”]
Window Cleaning Louisville Ky :confused:

No, you’re not #1 for [URL=“http://kentuckywindowcleaning.net”]
Window Cleaning Louisville Ky (just added a link for you :slight_smile: ), You’re just on page 1 towards the bottom.When was the last time you cleared your cache?

You are for me. Just searched, your number one. Congrats…now keep it.:wink:

The stress never stops does it ? First its geetting there now its keeping it. :eek::slight_smile:

Shows up page 2 for me for both key phrases.

I havent been page 2 since the Doug took it over and thats been a couple months ago.:confused:

I was just playing with you. Congrats man. Shows up #1 for the one key phrase and like #3 for the other. I know 1st hand how hard it is to get there and what a great feeling it is when you get there. Then comes the worry hoping you stay there. So I had to pull your leg. Seriously congrats. And keep in mind that as long as you are in the top 10 you are going good. A lot of people don’t even click on #1 anymore thinking it’s some kind of paid ad. So your #3 is just as good. :slight_smile:

still #7 in my browser. Maybe it will update soon.

I’ll be making those other adjustmets we talked about either tonight or tomorrow. I’m a little behind on a couple of websites.

Thanks for your patience those who are waiting.

That was a good one :frowning: :D. It is a great feeling. When I seen it for the 1st time I jumped out of my chair like I got shocked or something.:smiley: Thanks.

That’s fine Doug. Thanks for all the hard work you have already done for me. With out you I would still be page 27!

You are number 5 on my search.

You’re almost there!

For Window Cleaning Louisville Im #5 (I think) and for [URL=“http://kentuckywindowcleaning.net”]
Window Cleaning Louisville Ky Im #1.