1st Time Customer discounts

Already preparing for next season.
Just wondering what the average percentage discount is for 1st time new customers. I understand it has to be enough to get someone on the hook, but not too much that you are not making money. Also, how to keep these customers coming back instead of a “one time only I’m just using you for the discount” kind of customer?

How much discount do you see at a garage for your car? Or welcome to new A/C customers? Usually 10%? I think that is about standard. Just for reference, I offer 20% discount for quarterly customers.

Customers that come from referrals are almost always repeat, they are looking for a “window cleaner to keep” not just somebody to clean their windows. Compare it to when people are looking for a family doctor, they usually ask around to see who friends and family like, and then they stick with them if they like their honesty and expertise. In most cases these people aren’t concerned about price and they aren’t looking for a discount, they want it done right.

It seems those who find me through advertising sources have been less likely to be repeat customers. It’s easy to pick out the ones who are price shopping and I’m not going to discount anything to get their business. I’ve had a few business/storefront calls because they had a window cleaner who quit showing up, they balk when I tell them my minimum is $60 even if they have 6 windows when the other guy did it for $20. These people don’t understand it’s not cost effective for electricians, plumbers, or window cleaners to show up on their terms. The way I see it, if you don’t wan’t to worry about somebody showing up then you will pay for it.

… I don’t offer a first time pricing. They keep coming back because they love
what I do for them.

I always try to give them the best price possible depending on the circumstances, with that said, I really stretch for repeats and will go out of my way for them… But on new costumers ehhh, take it or leave it kinda deal…

I don’t give first-time discounts.
If I ever do a special, it applies to everybody who mentions it.

I charge 15-20% MORE for first time customers.

Only discounts I’ve ever offered was on my door hangers offer a 10% off first time clean (windows only). The psychology behind this is that you are essentially coming to them (the customer) and asking or offering a service. The discount is there to give them an incentive to try you out.

On the other side of this coin…

When someone calls you to come clean their windows, or to give them an estimate they are already prepared to pay for the service and personally I see no reason to offer a “discount” for my time. So I don’t.

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I don’t ever give a first-time discount. I give 10% off for residential service if they schedule for quarterly (or more often) cleanings of their exterior.

I offered a 10% discount this summer, which was my 1st summer in business, from June thru August for 1st timers, I’m not going to make that offer next year. I found that my competition in my area is charging half of what I charge for my service and yet I’m still getting the jobs I want. My customers are happy when I’m done and why should I make 10% less if the other guys are doing it for 50% off. I’m proud of my jobs when I’m done and get paid for my job well done.

That works because often times first time customers haven’t had their windows cleaned in [B][U]YEARS[/U][/B].

So the question begs: Should you [U]discount[/U] for the [U]larger[/U] amount of work, or the [U]lesser[/U] amount of work?

I dont advertise any discount.

However 1st time customers are provided with a one time “introductory” Rack Price discount of 20% on their first clean if they accept the quote within 7 days, excluding any CCU work.

If they don’t take any recurring schedule of any type after the first clean or if they call after the 7 days it will be full price.

I discount based on their confirmed regularity (which program they choose) from anything up to 50% of normal Rack Price.

if we had it our way, both rates would represent our desired PMH+ on the longer times it takes for a first service and for the lesser time it takes on repeats

most people are exposed (thru random fliers, groupon etc) to half the repeat rate for a first time clean, that’s a double whammy loss and an uphill battle to achieve the above for sure

I very rarely discount first cleans. Occasionally when I am slow I knock 10% off as an incentive if people hem and haw on the price and if I’m hungry. But I am always sure to point out the benefits of regularly maintained clean windows with a 20% savings on a Quarterly Clean.

Plus I will put the newspaper on their step and pull the trash can up from the street. :wink:

Example: $300 - 20% = $60 savings per clean = $240.
Yes, four times a year that adds up, (that’s the plan to stay in business), but maintenance and clean windows don’t come for free.

So, what do you do when the quarterly date comes up and they keep postponing you another 1, 2, or 3 months out?

First clean price.

I like your approach Gary. I will try that in my area and see how well it catches on. Thanks

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so to clarify Gary,

using 100pmh for simplicity,

typically speaking for you, with your example above,

a) would a first time clean take 3 hours and a repeat 2.4?

b) or the first time take longer than 3, perhaps even much longer and the repeat is 2.4 hours?

c)or the first time take much longer than 3 hours and the repeat take 3 hours?

thanks, just clarifying

There are other variables besides the dirtiness of windows, tracks and screens that make the job time consuming and more work. First time cleans and subsequent cleans may take the same amount of time, or may go faster. Landscaping obstacles and items in front of windows slow me down the most. I don’t generally look at did I do it faster this time vs. last time. I might be having a bad day, or made two or three more hydration breaks. I go by how much dirt was involved, and if I had been here three times this year instead of only once would it have been less work.

yes there are many variables, out here a first time will typically take 30-50% longer (not ccu) than the repeats, so just trying to understand your discount model better to look for springboard ideas.