2 gallon sprayer mod on hose

Don’t know if some of you have done anything to your sprayer hose if you use the big 2 gallon size or bigger bug sprayer to use SCREEN MAGIC.
I just found that by using that tiny pump sprayer it just did not hold enough and i was always having to pump it out.
So i bought a 2 gallon pump sprayer and found out that the tip was just putting out way to much product and i would go through 5 gallons of screen magic pretty quick. I had another pump sprayer that was broke just laying around. I was just thinking if i could figure out a way to modify it to where i could put the small pump sprayer tip on the 2 gallon sprayer i would for sure be able to save time by not always having to fill it up and not use as much product.

Also here is my dispenser that i hold my SCREEN MAGIC in. Cost me $ 14.00 from a water store and i got 5 gallons of water free.
It was a lot cheaper than buying one of the 5 gallon liquid dispensers and i can use my paint mixer attachment very easy to mix it up since it has the big mouth opening. I keep that in my garage so when i need to fill up my 2 gallon sprayer i just push on the spigot handle.

Haha- that’s one way of looking at it :wink:
Slick mod, by the way.