2 story windows ladder recommendetions

Hi everyone, I am a newbie. I have been working as a subcontractor for a WC company. I have a hyundai sedan car so I have no space for a ladder. I can’t get a van at the moment so I was wondering if its possible to put a rack on the roof of my car and get an extension ladder. If that’s possible what extension ladder size will reach second story house windows? I look at the sizes but is very confusing I was going to get a 20 fit one but not sure if that’s enough. The little giant l(multi position) ladder it’s smaller and might feet in my car but seems so bulky/heavy and not the most easy to work when moving from window to window. Any recommendation on size would be great.

Btw My buddy has a 26 little giant nad I have a hard time moving it, it’s way to bulky and heavy for me

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Stack ladders are good, 24’ extension ladder will get you pretty much all second story work.

Just get a nice waterfed set up and a 22’ little giant

I have a 20 foot extension ladder with the xtenda legs and a standoff and that gets the vast majority of 2 story windows. Wish i had started using an extension ladder sooner. I have a set of stacks that are great for certain situations but the extension ladder is my go to ladder now. Worked with nothing but stacks for about 20 years - 5 pieces. I’m planning on adding a 24 foot extension with levelers and a standoff soon.

Sectionals all day. Buy 3 pieces to start. You’ll rarely use a 4th piece.

water fed set are very nice But I am just staring. Can’t afford that I barely make enough to pay my bills for now :frowning: . Little giants feel so heavy and bulky I try my fiends 26 and couldn’t move it, not sure if is a big difference on weight from 26 to 22

The LG 22 is Perfect , it’s actually 19 feet long when fully extended

The 26 is a back breaker literally, the 22 is only 39 pounds

Sure…put a ladder rack on that Hyundai and get a 24’ extension with leg levelers. The multi-position ladders are heavy, but will fit in damn near any vehicle, so no ladder rack needed.

i have a gorilla multi position 18ft ladder! can handle 2 stories fine! and best thing closed its less than 5 ft!

Where are you located ?

Been using extension ladders for 25+ years. A 20’ with xtenda levelers is the ticket for second story. 24’ will plant you above the window.

I’ve been using a 24 and 32 for 15 years, never had issues being above windows on second story (unless I extend the ladder over them)

I also quit ladders the last 8 years or so and do almost all WFP now

If it’s roughly 20 dh windows do u think wfp or trad is faster?

Some 1st and 2nd story, I went trad today and definitely think if I used a wfp it’d be faster but idk

Had to use a step ladder on 1st story ones.

yes I think Ill go with the little giant 22 or gorilla don’t see much difference from gorilla to LG and Gorilla si cheaper

Nice thank you

It depends.
Sometimes I have to remove screens, first and second story, with no interior access, so in that situation trad will be faster.
Most of the time the screens are off for an outside only window cleaning, which makes wfp faster. Even faster now that I have the van mount system and carry pure water with me every day.

Thanks everyone

Do not get the little giant ladders. They are a pain in butt. Too heavy to maneuver, impossible to extend to full height and get up on your own, shaky, the end caps want to pull out, making the ladder slowly slip down the building. Don’t do it. If you get the little 11 ft ones those rock, ice had mine for 4 years (different brand though), but don’t get any of the larger ones.