20' Pole Work

So I have a job with some extreme angles at heights. I don’t have ladders (yet) so I work from the ground. At the angle shown in the photo, I cannot get a clean cut on the glass. Thoughts? Should I just go with a ladder?

You can cut in it just take practice and looks like you need a ledger.

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I hate freakin pole work with a passion. My biggest one is 8’. I’d buy a ladder.


I have 2 different versions of the ledger. I use them both for 12-24 ft. pole-work. They take a lot less of a toll on your shoulders. Really helpful for deep recessed glass, or when you have limited ability to move around.

Somebody just liked this post of mine from 5+ years ago but things have changed.
I now use the Moerman set up and pole work is no longer a problem.


Haha at least 5 years later your still around doing the thing!

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Yep, doing the thing, going on 23 years…