2020 door hanger and EDDM ideas

What offer have been working on your EDDM and door hangers? We have tried different things with ok results but nothing special. The CAC beaks down similar to AdWords for us but I’d like to try some new ideas. Here my thoughts:

Up to 20 windows- this is what I tried most and I don’t think it’s a good option for us for how we charge and break down pricing

% off of total service- haven’t tried this since I feel some might not know what this means without seeing price first. Then they might think we will inflate price to offset discount.

Price off when you spend a certain amount- example $30 off when you spend $300 or more.

Unique options- free exterior windows with house washing.

I have offered 20% OFF; 10% OFF; ASK ABOUT DISCOUNT.

But the most prominent response was a door hanger offering my services. Oddly enough simply letting people know that my services are available was all it took, and repeat as often as practical - usually every 2 to 3 months.

@Deanswc Hi, I am with the print department at the WCR, and I have seen a million and one coupons.

Adding in a free driveway cleaning is one used often.

Percentages or monetary values off works IF you can specify something like “OFF A FULL SERVICE PACKAGE”. This can be used if you have your services broken down into any kind of tier system (individual services, package deals). This ensures the discount is at least applied to a nice sized job, instead of just a basic window cleaning or something small.

Here is an example of some of the coupons we have on our templates. Coupons.PNG

They are all editable, but they are a good starting point and give you an idea of what you might want to offer. You can take a look at any of our templates and see the different coupons we have here: Window Cleaning Marketing Downloads - Templates, Systems, and more – WindowCleaner.com

Let me know if you have any questions- good luck out there!

Thanks @Garry that’s another though I forgot to add. I haven’t tried it but I was thinking of having an informational one too that just introduces my company.

Thanks @Jill_Okun I appreciate the tips. I think I’m going to stay away from listing a certain amount of windows. I noticed different companies in our area count windows differently and it ends up being a conversation of trying to tell them how we count the window and I’d like to just avoid that. I don’t want people to think we are deceiving or anything. That’s why I was leaning towards a % or $ amount. But I like the idea of listing a specific package which is how we do all of our services. So maybe say $40 off when you schedule a premium window package of $400 or more. Something like that.

Also it gets our foot in the door to do an in person estimate where we can give prices for all of our services.

@Deanswc My pleasure =)

Exactly, that seems to be a popular method. Not only does it guarantee any discount coming off a larger job, but it also shows them all the options you offer. The first package starts off basic, and on from there.

Some EDDM Postcards are large enough for multiple coupons, like the example I showed you. You can do different discounts off different package deals ( bronze, silver, gold). For the door hangers, you are probably better off sticking to one of two coupons as there is less room.

I get great upsell results offering free screen cleaning when people choose to clean both in and out. My thinking is the screens need to come out anywho, why not clean them while theyre out and let them dry while Im cleaning the glass.

Maybe its a bit of lost money but it means bigger tickets and less travel time between smaller jobs. It can also be made up by charging the amount for in and out together that makes it worthwhile for you. Just my 2 cents

My take on the screens is that they collect a lot of dirt and debris over time and cleaning them can add much time to the job, especially on larger homes. 40 or more screens that haven’t been cleaned in a year or more can be quite the chore. I try to sell quarterly or bi-yearly cleans and cut the customer a break on the price for booking subsequent cleans. Maintained windows are easier to clean than first cleans, that is when “Free Screen Cleaning” is the better option. It encourages the customer to book more often and makes the task a little less laborsome, so pass the savings off to the customer. They get maintained window service, you get repeat customers. 2-4 times a year of repeat business makes up for giving certain services away for free.

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Also if the customer does not have screens now they do not feel like they are getting a deal so your coupon is useless

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What kind of discount do you give for quarterly or bi-yearly?

$25. Over $500, $50.

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10% every 6 months 25% every 3 months but I make sure my one time price is high enough that these discounts dont hurt me. I have found that when the one time and 6 month price are close and then there is a big drop off with quarterly it psychologically makes people pick the quarterly.

%25 off for quarterly is quite a bit. You probably get a lot that sign up for that. For us it’s 15 at every 3 months, 20 at 2 and then 25 for monthly.

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It’s psychological when there is a large gap between 1 time 6 month and quarterly it almost forces people to pick quarterly. This guarantees me work. The more guaranteed work you have the less you have to spend on advertising you can forward some of that savings to repeat customers.

Listen to Garry — He’s correct.

My friend sets up 800+ residential accounts on a bi-monthly scale. You are cleaning “clean” glass. If you go over the 2 month schedule…you go back to initial cleaning at 1.5x normal amount. Helps stop some customers (the ones you dont want) from cancelling and only calling when “they need you”-- Sales pitch is easy…6 days a year is all I come and you have clean windows for year. It works, I’ve watched my friend tell THEM they are signing up for his program or he is not interested in doing their homes LOL. Great tactic, has worked well for him.

I love the idea but is he an owner/operator?