24' extension wand?

Anyone use it? Says it hooks up to a pressure washer and plants firm on the tip of a 24’ extension pole. It’d above $175.00

Absolutely not, Bad idea…

I bought one from a company in FL about 4 years ago. It worked pretty well. A little unwieldy and such, but definitely helped. Then I found out about softwashing with a different set of nozzles and this wand sits in my garage.

Those extension poles have their place, but not for everyday use. They can be useful for new construction brick cleaning, cleaning metal roofs with a water broom, and maybe a few other things… but not for general washing.

If you’re talking about extension pole for pressure washer I have two and use one all the time to pressure wash houses. You can wash a house in half the time. I takes getting use to. At first it difficult to maneuver. Once you get the hand of it I can’t see doing it without it unless you go with an alternative method all together like soft washing.

I bought one last year. It was involved in another one of my failed gutter cleaning experimentation concoctions. Now it sits alone on the side of the garage. Ive never needed anything more that a simple 8’ aluminum extension bar.

I’ve never needed anything except for my downstreaning setup. I can reach heights up to 30+ feet with them.

Good for brick, concrete that’s hard to get at. Shopped along time before a found a rigid, hexagonal aluminum. Threw away the cheapie 15 years ago. Not for everything, but invaluble when you need it.

Who posted about their boss running over it? Hillarious story. Something about a pool?? From what I’ve read I would never buy one, but if you find a way to make it work go for it!


Lmfao… Again!

It takes getting used to. When I first started using it I hated it and thought it was just wasted money. I had to use it on a few jobs which forced me to use it. After using it on a few jobs I got the hang of it and started using it a lot. Now Its invaluable to me. Now I don’t do the x jet or down streaming. I would like to try it out. I am a little skeptical on how well it will take everything off though. Not saying it won’t but my hope would be that it would. In the mean time the extension wand does great for me on any house washes I do.

You’re more then welcome to come wash a few houses with me one day. After seeing how downstreaming works I bet you’ll wanna start.

I am interested in checking out the soft wash methods. I’m just unsure of hoe effective they would be here in Dallas. It looks great on video. If it works that well here I would switch in a heart beat. My biggest questions are how does it take off stuck on debris like cobwebs, dirt nest, wasp nests etc… There is a lot of that here. Do you use it on all types of siding? Are there natural green alternatives to bleach? I know my customers would be all over the chemicals in their landscapes. These are the main things holding me back. I am very interested though!

Absolutely. Your house wash mix will break loose the cobwebs, wasp nest, and dirt dobbers. On very rare occasions I will use my 30 foot unger pole to knock down a really stubborn wasp nest from 3 story peaks. It’s almost unbelievable how well it works.

As far as how natural the bleach is, well that’s all subjective. There are chemical companies that have really bashed on bleach in order to sell their “green” alternative. However, in my opinion, bleach is probably one of the most effective green cleaners available. It has a very short half life. A few hours in the sun and it’s inert. Of course, if you pour it on a plant and leave it, the plant will likely die. BUT, you can also drown a plant with plain water too. Bleach is “green” and poses to environmental risk - if used correctly.

If I sense that somebody is anti-bleach - I inform them that we are anti-bleach as well. We do not use clorox or any other kind of store bought bleach. Rather, we use the active ingredient that’s found in bleach, minus the harmful caustic sodium hydroxide. If need be, I let them know that what I use to clean their house is the same ingredient used to purify their city drinking water.

I softwash just about everything. All vinyl, brick, stucco, EIFS, dryvit, just about anything that’s dirty.

Ok so I’m all about it! Where do I sign up? Where do I start? Do I have to use a pressure washer or can I use just hose pressure or an electric pump? Can I do it year round as long as it is not freezing? Where do I buy a down streamer and how much does it cost? Where to get the chemicals? What else do I need to know? How does the chemicals effect the dirt on the windows? Does it effect the glass or screens at all?

Do a search here on the forum for “downstreaming”. You’ll find most of that information, and probably then some.

Give Bob at Pressure Tek a call he carries everything you need.

Thanks Clark!

I know I’m late here, but I have 2 extension poles and 3 x jets. I use the extension poles maybe once or twice every six months but the x jets is a daily usage tool. I don’t even downstream very ofter with the x jet just use it to reach high areas. Definitely need an x jet! I second Bob from Pressure Tek. Great website easy to buy and friendly service.