24" Wagtail Question

I have been using a 14" Wagtail with the wide body and want to buy some handle and add bigger channels, like a 24 for instance. Can someone tell me which channel I could retrofit without to much trouble. Also if it is possible I would like to fins a channel that would work with the same pulex rubber I use for my steel channels. But that is not a make or break point. Thanks for the help.

Does your 14" Wagtail have the yellow disk?

No, it is a grey disk and it has the wide channel, but I was going to buy two more of just the grey pivot control handle and leave my 14" the way it is. So I am trying to see what will fit in the grey pivot contorl handle

I use a feather lite steccone 20 inch as my go to storefront
I am sure wagtail rubber will fit.
A 24 inch may be too long and flex in a wagtail.
Wish they made a 24 wide body.
That would be most advantageous

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yea that is what I am trying to do, fit a wide body channel into my wagtail. I am pretty sure I saw someone on here with a slayer channel in a wagtail, but then I need different rubber. But if that is the only way… oh well

For something like that you need a monster combi. Channel and frame bigger but more sturdy. Saw the vid about fitting a wide body into the handle but tricky getting the plastic to widen without breaking. I can’t remember if it was slightly heated. Unless you can shape the wide body aluminum thin enough to clip it on. Maybe remove just enough in rear center to fit the c shaped clip onto then drill 2 holes left and right to fit. Was going to try with a ninja channel but don’t want to mess with my wagtail. Need to get another handle before I try it.
You know the Orbital goes up to 30". Its similar to the combi but attached in 2 places vice 1 and sturdy enough to use as a floor squeegee.

Orbital Aluminium Squeegee

Yes thanks, I saw those. But they are about $65 to get shipped over from austraila. Do you know a local supplier?

I did that with a Slayer for Jesse Green. Mark [MENTION=67]Beautiful View[/MENTION] did it by trimming the plastic and using two screws like Jack mentioned. I’m going to do that with a Ninja channel minus the big clips, it will use any standard rubber.

For one, the yellow disk has a wide channel attached. ( Not wide bodied, but a wide Wagtail channel.)

Thanks for the info Dale.

Different productions.
Early blue has notches
Yellow was used on the larger frame wags. Orbital and Combi. They use the Grey PC handle now. Most places still sell the yellow
Blue and grey about the same. Grey is latest.
Black pivot control is newest. No disc, just pivot. The idea is to move the pivot below the handle or connection. This makes the channel pivot point under the handle. Changing the angle of the channel to be flatter than if attached to handle from above.
My wags are grey. Combi is the newer black PC

Thanks Jack, sometimes your better then the search button.

Just full of useless knowledge. If interested in something I look into it. Maybe way too much.
Sort of bored. Migraine, hoping will go away before have to work tonight. Want to get my cube tank but will get tomorrow. Waiting on resin for tri-bed so just swapping out rubber, its been a year so thought I would put new fresh blades in. Metal does not a good squeegee make.:stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to see a picture or two if you have it, especially if you can get rid of the clips on the Ninja. Everybody seems to have bad things to say about those.
Thanks for the feedback

pulex alumax channel fits in the blue wagtail handle fairly easily.

The Alumax, that is a pretty sturdy channel? Looks beefy. Using a steccone in my wag and put the wagtail channel in my ninja (rubber shims hold tight). Might need to try the Alumax

i have a feeling that the Alumax is made from the same strong alloy as the steccone .

I will be doing this over the winter when I have the time and feel the urge. Basicaly I will cut off the clip ends and back cut the channel to match a Slayer. Then I will drill and tap for a center screw to hold the rubber and drill and tap for two to hold the channel on the handle.
My theory is that flex in a long channel is sometimes good and sometimes stiff is better, so I will compare these to the long Slimlines that I have and see. It’s mostly for fun as I have no storefronts and few large panes now.

The clips on the ninja channel pop off, then you can use the brass clips to hold the rubber in, if you prefer.

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That makes sense, I have a set of taps. I should be able to work it out. Thanks for the tips