24ft optiloc pole

I just noticed that Unger have a 3 section 24ft opttiloc pole, does anyone know if it will fit the 4 and 5 sections of a 30ft optiloc

Are you referring to the Unger ‘add-an-arm’ pole? If so I don’t think so. Best just to call up your supplier. I have the ‘add-an-arm’ pole and it’s great!

Yes , the add-an -arm, after years of using and abusing poles I have ended up with all sorts of hybrids as most poles will fit the other varietys, The largest I’ve got is a 16ft 2 piece in the bottom 3 sections of an add an arm , so I was wondering if the optiloc will fit the add an arm as that would get me to 36ft and with a bit of jerry rigging 42ft

I have several Unger poles, including a 3-section 18’ OptiLoc and 5-section 30’ Tele-Plus poles.

While tube diameters are identical on equivalent sections, the collars are slightly different (on mine, at least) between the OptiLoc and Tele-Plus, as well as the handles (OptiLoc are mounted externally in either of two sizes [for 2- or 3-section models] and Tele-Plus are mounted internally, except the larger, so smaller diameter sectionals may slide into the next larger.)

Perhaps if those internal handles are available (My Tele-Plus has internal handles on sections 2-4), you could adapt, but only 5 diameter tubes are currently available from Unger, I believe, so 30’ is the limit.

I purchased mine from Supply for $99 (I picked it up) and it paid for itself the first time I used it: https://secure.baynetcommunications.com/cwc/agora.cgi?xm=on&product=ExtensionPoleUnger

I don’t see the Tele-Plus in the WCR store at this time.

With not owning a very high ladder, the 30ft pole has saved my ass a couple of times. Though mostly I carry just three sections (18ft) with me on day to day jobs.