2500 solar panel farm

I have been approached with cleaning solar panels, a friend has the equipment to do the job. He has not done commercial jobs. Just residential. The panels ar ground mount double stacked. They haven’t been cleaned in a couple of years and are pretty dirty. What would be a price to charge for the first cleaning, then what after that? I was thinking $2.00 a panel and then $1.50 after the first cleaning. Farm located in the southeast.

I’d be more like 3-4 per panel, then 2 if cleaned every 6 months, 3 if not. Remember your going to have run up and down each row, water access has to be considered, and moving your equipment around. I would clean one and time it, then add about 25% for moving things around time wise. I have done somewhat large buildings (just under 800 panes) but not a solar panel farm, so take this with a grain of salt. There might be factors I missed. It might be good to have one guy go ahead and wet with soap and someone come behind to scrub. Warm water will also help with speed.

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Much appreciated, i know i will have a water issue but was told by the site manager that he has a contact at the fire department and they will fill our water tanks for use there at the site as needed. so that’s a plus.

Charge $2 - $3 per panel and get to town with a wfp! Use a pump from a tank if you have no water on-site and go to town! That sh** is easy $$$!