2nd Day Looking For Clients

I’ve only managed to get one small storefront for biweekly cleaning at 40 a month.

Today, I estimated a 3 story restaurant with about 60 panes, and the estimate came out to around 550.

I haven’t even done a first job yet, but the GM of the restraint told me to call him in a few days to give him time to forward the estimate to his DM.

Do you think I over bid the job?

I would absolutely love an account with that resteraunt since I only have one small client.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I’d be happy to land that for 550! Good luck. With out pictures it’s hard to say but ya, it may be high.

But you never know! And it’s the best way to learn your pricing.

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I’m just really hungry for work. But I’m working with a risky 16 ft collapsible ladder until I build some capital, so that’s why I estimated what I did.

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Needs pics.

Always call back after a couple of days just to check in and see if anyone has looked at the estimate. 80% of your work will come from those call backs. They might have decided to use you but got busy with business and forgot about you so as long as you stay fresh in their mind, you’ll do good.


Should’ve taken photos.

But thanks, I definitely need to call back everyone I’ve done an estimate for.

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Hard to say without a visual, but 3 story? You are going to need more than a 16 footer my friend. 28 foot minimum - if the ground isn’t sloping away from the building.


It’s 2 stories with a ladder access at the rear, with the 3rd story accessible on the took of the 2nd story

Better bid too high than too low :point_up:


This job is sounding worse as you describe it more - but…going sight unseen, so who knows. The ladder placements sound like your nemesis. How many stories have you reached before with a 16 foot ladder?

Calculate ladder length


It’s actually pretty much 2 stories, with some higher windows from the roof. I’ll be able to hit the 3rd story windows from the roof. It’s not 3 stories like you would think, some of the windows are just attached to parts higher than the second story. I found a photo of the front.ls

The building wraps around a bar area, it’s quite large, with alot of patio windows that aren’t visible in the photo, along with an upstairs patio.

Okay, but you will need at least a 28 foot ladder to get to the roof to access the 3rd floor windows with a pole. Best of luck if he calls you back to do the job.

My money says they don’t clean the third story. I’d give them a price without it.


We have all learned our lessons from bidding too low. And then we say…“Man, I will never do that again.”


I was thinking the same thing. There has been plenty of times I have asked a customer…“Would it be ok if I just clean the downstairs windows?” I like to keep things simple. No reason to clean the upstairs if no one ever goes up there.

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