2nd Favorite WFP?

If you could have another WFP which brand would you choose? I like standardization and modularity of equipment but for the sake of discussion let’s say that you won a WFP lottery and could get any pole except for your favorite brand.

Stating your reasons and selection criteria would be helpful.

First up:
I think collapsed length and ease of extension would be prime criteria for me. This is because I am frequently working on hillsides and having to adjust lengths while working around the homes. My Reach It is good in this category so I would look for something similar, perhaps a Northern Lite?

Anyhoo I’m looking forward to your responses and am hoping to learn more about the different makes.

i just want a light pole with good clamps, something smooth and consistent


I don’t really have a favorite brand per se. I do my research and then buy the one I want (or the one I can afford) and whether or not it’s my favorite never crosses my mind. It’s my only one. I’ve had two of the Gardner SLX (45 and 50) and loved them both. Can’t say they were my favorite, but they were workhorses. The 45 was an older model and was super thick so it was a beast to use, but it made me money. I did have one section snap, but I cut it off and just had a short section.

The Xero looks good but just whatever. I’d choose just about anything that’s carbon fiber. Fiberglass and half breeds are no-go’s in my book unless you’re looking for something cheap for residential, they’re good for that. But for commercial it’s got to be carbon fiber.

I liked the ideas behind Reach-It, but if you’re going to be innovative on something like clamps, then you’d better make sure they are bullet proof. That’s first day stuff.

I’d expect to throw on some JB weld on whatever to hold the clamps, but when it’s time to work, I don’t want to worry about it.


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“Think about a Xero pole and perhaps the Xero pure :sunglasses:” - Luke The Window Cleaner. @Luke


Gonna need a Gardiner


Only owned 3 different types since 2010.

With all the changes and modifications I do not know which I prefer today. If I had to buy blind currently I would go with the xero for sure. WCR has never let me down.