2nd story office clean... 1st story windows were just done

Do you tell them to… nevermind.

I just ask if they want their windows cleaned the next week if they’re still drippy dried.

Other methods?

Do it carefully?

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I don’t really understand the thread, are u saying you cleaning the upstairs windows and made a mess on the lowers and want to charge them for your mess?

Ya Keith elaborate a little bit. I think your telling us the first floor was just cleaned … How long ago though ?

Then they want the second floor done … Why didn’t they do them at the same time ?

Quick answer. If that is what your asking I would clean them carefully like Chris says. If any thing got on the window below I would just hit it quick there clean already so a quick wet in an a quick squeegee no biggie

If there were 20 windows and you price was a 100 just make it 120.

I would just let them know the entire building has to be done again.

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2nd story office clean on an office type building with a restaurant on the first floor flush with the glass above it.

Maybe I’ll land the restaurant, but don’t want to do it for free.

What if it’s a 3rd floor flat? do you clean the 2nd and first stories for free?

We really don’t do it in those situations unless we do the entire building. Just not feasible.

if your drips mess up the glass below you have to fix that, whether you do it free or knowing you need to do it add it into the price of the uppers

This is great advice!

What’s the space between the Windows ?


I’ve done second story window where the first story didn’t get done. It really depends on how the windows are set up
Look give them a price charge way higher then normal … Hell price them as if you might have to re-clean the lowers if it’s set up that way. They want them done hear is the price. You don’t have to give an explanation unless they ask. Them you say well we might have to recklean these bottoms so that’s why the price is what it is.

It’s up to you. “What’s is going to be boy yes or no.”

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