3 Story Office Building

I have the opportunity to bid on 3 buildings, 2 of which are 3 story. I am going to check out the height today. I don’t have a WFP system, just regular extension poles for 2 story properties. I have some experience with pole work, but I’m wondering about going this high. I am soliciting suggestions for the best extension pole for this application. There are 250 and 300 windows around the 3rd floor on each property. So, I want something light, but sturdy. Also, do you have a recommended scrubber/washer to ensure I get the window clean from that far away? Thoughts on a Ettore BackFlip or the Sorbo Twin Angle Swivel? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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use a ladder

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If you dont have a water fed set up and arent intending on picking one up… I would go the ladder route.

Polling the traditional way likely wont leave the best results.

All of our XERO water fed poles come with the attachment needed to do traditional pole work. XERO Water Fed Poles - Micro, Pro, and Destroyer Series – WindowCleaner.com

But thats a lot of windows to clean that style.

Good luck with it. We are here if you need any help.

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The top of the windows are 34’ off the ground and there are 300 3rd floor windows on one property and 234 on the other. I think I’m going to pass.

I’m a one-man show. I could rent a boom lift, but I don’t know if I could get the 3rd floor done in one day. I could use a ladder, but I think it would be exhausting to move and climb a ladder around the perimiter of these 2 buildings, so danger and possibly losing money are factors. I just don’t see how this job is feasible for me.

Sounds like this job is out of your league. Not trying to be mean but youre obviously not set up for or have been trained to do jobs like that.

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so would trad polling 300 3rd floor windows, more so i would think

You’ll never be shamed here for turning down work that you literally not up for. Better off having people be happy and being able to compete for the bid next time the job comes around then embarrassing yourself this time… Have you tried partnering with a reputable cleaner in the area?