3 Story Skylight help!

I was just asked to bid this 3 story meril lynch building. They do not want a lift inside the the building because of the marble floor, they called me because of my wfp capabilities. I dont think i could wfp these windows does any one have suggestions, pictures below. the picture with table and chairs is what is below these windows, and between each floor there is wood, and some dry wall. I think wfp would make to much water, personal i think the only option would be a small lift, but again they do not want one. Has anyone had to deal with a situation like this.

I thought of maybe building a sub floor for the lift so it would spread the weight out?

WFP is out.

Lift is definitely out. I seriously doubt that you can convince anyone there to let you put a lift on the marble.

I think renting scaffolding may be the ticket here. They pay for that, along with the setup, teardown, and everything else involved with it.

how high can scaffold go and how much is it?

Scaffolding will cost a fortune, too, and take FOREVER to set up.

How do you feel about ladders? I think this is a job for the old 32’-40’ ers.

Can probably pole most if not all of the sides, too, while you’re there.

actually, I take that back. I just looked at those pics again, and I don’t see how you could realistically do that with ladders, either, in the real world.

Could you make a platform to rest on the beams they have and do ladder work from there? you would want them tied down and 1 or 2 people to spot?

That does not sound safe. I don’t recommend that you create something that has the potential to drop you 30 feet. :eek:

It’s difficult to suggest how you set anything up but scaffolding with the pics available, but I think you can find a local rental company and ask about prices. You may be surprised. If you do, it will be a 2 person job putting that together.

The AUWC has a member who rented scaffolding for 1 day to clean a chandelier that was 20 feet high. He was very happy with that approach.

how much does scaffolding usually cost, i was thinking about those one man lift that two guys can pick up and move, just seems like it would take a lot of work.
I hope that will just let me use a lift, we could build some support to drive the lift over the marble floor sections.

I remember passing on a job similar to this a couple of years ago. All the time and energy I was putting into thinking of a creative way to do it became very counter productive.

Your right. Building the platform on the beams would not be a good idea. The more I look at those pictures the creepier it seems. I hope things work out safely, and profitable.

With the info shown - 20 foot? - I’d do them with a pole scrubber & Unger microfiber fixi clamp. Explain that it won’t be done to the best quality. But you’d be in & out in a couple of hours. If no one can get up there - then no one can see up there either.

its no 20 ft its almost 40 ft, to use a pole you would need scaffold to get you half way there.

you think the curved glass could be squeegeed?

the only safe way to do that job is either an aerial or boom lift. The thing is they are on rubber wheels what harm will it do the marble floor? Are they concerned about the weight of a lift? If they don’t let use some kind of lift and their are a lot of different kinds out there, I would walk away for your own safety.

The photos told me it was 20 or so foot. 8 foot to the metal beam, another 8 foot to the top of the office & perhaps another 8 foot to the tip of the atrium. Just use a well wringed out porcupine on a lightweight pole, then just wipe with a cloth on another pole in a fixiclamp or a dry flatmop microfiber. I wouldn’t even bother with a squeegee. The results can’t be seen anyway unless you have binoculars. As always its the outside of the glass that will collect the most dirt. This should be done first.

If I have got the dimensions all wrong, then you will have to get scaffolding in or lift. The marble floor would be fine with rubber mats in place for the lift, I’d be worried about scaffolding knocking on the marble when erecting.

This may help you to see alternative ways of cleaning…

//youtu.be/Kate Milan-Unger Product Demo - YouTube

good news i was just told that they don’t want to deal with the skylights, just everything else!

could you put plywood and thin foam on the floor then bring a lift in. thats what they do at football stadiums to save the grass when they have big shows.

that would be way to scary. with a lift you want the ground as stable as possible, especially when you go up 30 feet.

But good news because they don’t want the skylights done just the interior glass, which i could easily reach with a pole.

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