3 windows cleaned for free offer

Just yesterday I had a conversation with a long time customer of mine about marketing. She told me that I should look into doing something like a pick 3 windows for free offer. She said that her sister (who lives in another state) received a postcard from a WCing company that offered 3 windows cleaned for free as long as the company was allowed to give an estmate on the home while they were on site . She said that her sister really liked their work and that she met them and liked their professionalism etc. They now do several homes on her street. The free window cleaning offer is not new marketing to the window cleaning world i know, I was just wondering if any of you have done it and the results? I find it easy to close a sale if I can meet them personally. I was thinking about trying this on saturdays along with my other quotes.


I dont think it should be “pick 3 windows”. I would not give the potential the option of picking the window they want cleaned. You will end up cleaning a ton of 2nd floor foyer windows for free. I never offer anything free other then screen cleaning if it means landing the gig. One companys success in a marketing campaign does not mean you will get the same results. Besides the other company is in another state and that can be 1 reason why it’s doing well for them. I would go about the estimates as you normally do and when on site clean a lower window, in and out so they can see the quality.

I tried a marketing campaign that was “for every 10 windows get the 10th one free”. Still did not work well. It’s strange here but people are always weary of FREE. In jersey nothing is really free and people have become tainted by that phrase.

For me simple always seems to work best. As an example I ran two ads in two differant news papers in the same towns, with coupons as a test. (people here like to cut out coupons). Two differant coupons, 1 for each paper. 1 was “get 10% off a window cleaning” and the other was “get $10 off a window cleaning”. I got more calls from the $10 coupon. I figured people did not want to do the % math.

I have played with this idea. Any 1st floor window cleaned for free at time of estimate. In my opinion 3 is too many and would take too much time. I have always figured you try and talk them into having 1 window in the dining room or kitchen cleaned so they can stare at 1 bright clean window next to the dirty ones :slight_smile: JMO

I agree that 3 is too many. I like Matt’s idea of one and preferably right next to a dirty one. Make the offer 1 window of your choice at the time of the bid.

The only thing free in California is…nothing, I think its best to know what your work is worth. I have been sucessful by offering the fifth window cleaning free for those who pay up front for quarterly service. I get the capital in hand right on the spot which helps my continue to grow and when we do the fifth service its wfp and and at least three of us on site

The one thing I do agree with about that method is simple. Who will waste the time calling you to clean just one window? Only a complete schlep rock will call for one window, three windows gives them a reason to call, prob want to say downstairs windows and exclude french doors, or large sliders

One window cleaned is a FREE sample. Like going to a store that sells chocolates and you can pick one for FREE but you only get one… 9 times out of ten people will always buy more. The FREE sample is just that. A sample of what they are missing by not using your company. A constant reminder after you leave. Even if they wash the windows around the one you clean, that one you cleaned will always be brighter and cleaner.
3 windows for FREE is too many and here is why; 1) time 2) the schlep that won’t call you for one window, yes they will call you for 3 windows for FREE and just like Juggernaut said “for the foyer windows they can’t reach”. They will use you for the sample for 3 windows with no intention of buying more.
The value is GONE for 3 windows. 1 window shows them just how valuable your service is, especially after seeing all of the dirty windows surrounding the 1 beautiful one. JMO

Im down with 1 free window 3 is to many. They pic the slider and two view windows and youll never hearf rom them again. First floor only no ladder work. Id realley be interested how this works for you if you do it. Let us know what happens. Im afraid you might get swamped with calls and your driving all around.

There is one sticky issue w/ this marketing tool - fabrication debris. If the window is horrible and would need razored to get a good clean you’d need a waiver to protect yourself. The upside to this is that it allows you to bring up the subject of fabrication debris and showcase another reason to choose your company - education.
You can do a quick clean (sans razor) on that one window and explain that you will be doing an even more thorough job should they choose to hire you for all the windows.

might depend on who is choosing the 3 windows … no? as a window cleaner we should be aware of what is and what is not tempered or heat strengthened.

Tempered yes if the stamp is present. Heat strengthened has no stamp but if you know the building code you can have a pretty good idea though.

feelin 4 the guy who wants 2 rest his ladder against the window 2 clean em

I hear that.

All good points. This “Free Offer” has got me thinking in a slightly different angle too. Lets just say that a potential customer calls for a quote on window cleaning. You show up and no one is home. You do the usual walk around to quote the job. As an added punch to your quote, you clean half of a patio slider door for them. On top of your already professional quote packet, you attach a 4.25 X 5.5 orange note that reads something like" Thank you for letting us quote your project! To show you our appreciation and sample of our quality workmanship , we professionally cleaned a window /door (circle one) located here:____________________________. If you would like to schedule a cleaning with us for the rest of your windows, please feel free to contact our office at XXX-XXXX. Thanks again for letting us quote your project!

I like this idea but the wording needs a complete makeover. I think that with proper wording, this idea could take off and land more jobs. Thoughts?