30 ft pole work

hey guys i have a job that has 30 ft interior pole work. What are some good tools to have when doing pole work. I have never been a fan of pole work, but it looks like i am going to have to start.

What do i need?

Ledger, multi tool clamp, special squeegees, squeegees clamps?

Details help a lot, THANKS GUYS!

The highest pole work I’ve done for interiors is just over 20ft so my suggestions are based on that.

• A ledger for sure.

• I find that a 0° swivel handle comes in handy if you find you have to horizontally pull into deep mullions.

• I use a special detailing tool for any screw ups where I might leave some water. Makes it easier than re-wetting the window then squeegeeing again.
my detailing tool

Is this going to be a regular job or ‘one time’ only? This may determine how much you want to invest in special tools.

the interior is going to be one time, but the building will be regular.

Has anyone done 30 ft pole work

We do it everyday… We primarily use a polezilla ( 30ft Unger) and a ettore back flip combo.

cool chris, what do you use to detail?

Hi there, we will have a video on You Tube shortly that shows a triangular window 30ft high with very deep ledges cleaned with a Wagtail Flipper. In hind sight it should have been cleaned using the Angle Arm in addition to the Wagtail Flipper. This way there is no need to change tools and deep ledges can be accessed.

Willie Erken

post for marker for later

Just a huck towel on the end of pole zilla

I (we) do lots of polework too. I’m not a big fan of the back-flip, would rather use a “real” squeegee on a second pole, but thats just me. Good for 2 people, or just one, too.

If you do decide to use 2 poles (one for mopping and one for squeegee) then try using a cranked angle joint (elbow) on the pole with the squeegee to give you more angle over the ledges.

This helps if there is limited space too.

Tools I keep for high pole work are ledgers, adjustable elbow pole tips, Super system handles for mops and squeegees. If water spillage is not a problem, I will Tucker pole wash and have someone follow and squeegee behind

okay so i took a wack at it, but i left behind some marks and streaks. Has any one cleaned without soap and just used purified water?

I wonder now that they are clean if i just used pufied water and came along and mob it and squeegeed it off.

If your going to do “traditional pole work” try less soap! That should help cut down on the detailing issue.

As for pure water cleaning…if your gonna go that route why would you want to follow behind with any other tools??? Makes no sense:confused:

to keep there from being any streaks or spots when i am done?

They’ll be NO streaks or spots if…you TDS/PPM is within good range!Knowing how to properly use a WFP is important(but the learning curve is minimal) Again your defeating the purpose of “pure water cleaning” if your following behind utilizing any other tools.

Now…there are gigs that are not WFP pure water friendly but…those are far & few between on deals like that it’s just easier to use traditional methods.

well i cant use a wfp because it is interior and i would flood the building and ruin the woodwork, the reason why i am mentioning using purified water to clean with is because when i am cleaning that high, i am having a problem at the top of the window leaving streak marks and than on some windows when i am pulling down i will leave a tiny, streak!

So i idea is by using purified water the streaks and the marks will just dry clear and not leave any marks, hopefully eliminating the need to do touch ups.

It is difficult since i only have one 30 ft pole to squeegee it off and than bring the pole down to attach a towel to do touch ups, especially when there are 10 windows in a row. By the time i am done with the windows the marks have dried out.

Then…lighter on the solution or try attaching a “Fixi-Clamp” with a micro-fiber towel to detail & button it up? Sometimes giving the towel a light misting of denatured alcohol (or in your case) purified water could be the hot ticket.

I was thinking is was a exterior clean you were dealing with…my bad;)