30" Wagtail

//youtu.be/Wagtail 30 Mallorca - YouTube


Hey, I have one of those shirts. :wink:

Cool stuff Karl

Never seen you wearing it :confused:

Sorry about the quickness of the video folks. I bought this pig of a video camera & it only stays on for a few seconds or so :mad:

We are keeping them pristine for the museum.

Get Mandy to wear one of them & sell it to the highest bidder :smiley:

p.s. T-shirt is a broken link on home page.

22 seconds for a 30" Wagtail is just not enough time…

Would like to have a go with that.

How does the rubber handle? Is it held in the same way?

I would imagine a nip in the centre of the channel wouldn’t be enought to hold the 30 inch in place.

For some reason the bigger channel is easier to handle than the smaller ones on a pole. Perhaps because there is more coverage. Yep, its just nipped like all the others.

I know you’re a GG4 user; what do you use , if anything, to improve glide?

Nothing… Well I did use some Sörbo glide about a year a go on super hydrophobic windows.

We just added a bunch of 24" Wagtail squeegees to the store.

I thought it was a “flock” of wagtails, bunch is for flowers isn’t it? Although I prefer a “wagga” of wagtails.

The only flock I know of is Flock of Seagulls


My heroes - I think Mike Score still tours the States.