35' Ettore Hybrid AquaClean Poles Are Back Baby!

I am very happy to let everyone know that the hugely popular Ettore 35’ Hybrid AquaClean poles are back in stock and ready to move. We expect these to go quickly so if you are in the market for a price point second and third story pole, give me a call.

If you have been waiting for these to come back in stock you can pick yours up here.

Ettore Aqua Clean Hybrid Pole


These are going to go fast. Don’t miss out.

Call me if you have questions

I got mine yesterday and it looks rockin’ can’t wait to get my 65 ft’er!

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Alex, thanks for the quick shipment. We had the guys checking it out yesterday. Thanks for such a fast turnaround!

Ordered mine yesterday… any idea on when it should arrive?

You got it Jared. Let me know if you have any questions on the pole or any accessories.

Thanks for the order Ryan. Give it 4 or 5 days to arrive, we’ll get you the tracking info as soon as it leaves our facility.

Thanks Alex! I’m hoping I can order a couple of extra fittings and have them shipped at the same time. I’ll call tomorrow to find out.

[QUOTE=Thanks for the order Ryan. Give it 4 or 5 days to arrive, we’ll get you the tracking info as soon as it leaves our facility.[/QUOTE]

Hey Alex,

The pole I received is a little bit different than the one Ive seen online. The one I received came with a black plastic end piece which you clamp into the top of the pole.

I am having a problem when I attach the gardner pole adapter (the small metal piece) from the aquadapter (mk2). After I attach the adapter, and then clamp on the aquadapter and then the brush, the whole thing comes loose right at the black plastic end piece. Right where the gardner adapter screws on. It keeps unscrewing when I use the pole, resulting in a crooked brush.

Is there some secret on how to tighten that connection?? Again it is the connection where the metal gardner adapter (from the aquadapter kit) screws onto the black plastic end piece that came with the pole.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Ryan. I kinda follow what you mean but I want to be 100% clear. Can I give you a call? I’m sure its something we can figure out over the phone a bit easier. In the mean time, snap a pic or two and email them to me, I want to know if you are missing something.


Yes, please give me a call. Here are some pics.

That insert that the aquadapter screws onto… never stays tight and always loosens up(a real pita and sucks having to deal with in the field). try using loctite on the threads when and if it happens.

Thanks for the reply buddyo! You are the first person to understand what I’m talking about. Is it like superglue? I was thinking about doing that, but wanted to find out if I was doing something wrong first.

So that we are clear I am referring to the part of the insert that the aquadapter threads onto and not the end of that insert that slides into the pole. I would only loctite the threads where the aquadapter screws onto the threaded insert. This must sound confusing. I wish it was made of plastic(yes not as strong but when you tighten the aquadapter down onto the insert they provide, at least it wouldn’t always loosen up when scrubbing the glass. If you want to talk drop me a line man. Take care.

"at least it wouldn’t always loosen up when scrubbing the glass. "

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one having that problem

Electrical tape works great too

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WCR has another LARGER shipment of these hot hot hot 35’ Ettore poles due in early next week.

We have already begun to take pre-orders and will begin to ship the second they arrive. This pole works great with the EZ Pure which is on special for the rest of this month.

35’ AquaClean
EZ Pure with FREE DI Cartridge

Call me up and lets get you in a system today.

i picked one of these up a few months back, im just wondering if they actually ship with the brush shown, or with the white and black brush (which is what i received)? not a big fan of the brush that came with mine…

Hey Josh,
Those Gardiner brushes went out with a few poles, completely unknown to us at WCR. They were boxed up at RHG and sent to us pre packaged with the hose. After hearing about this from a few people I found out that there had been a few substitutes. If you are unhappy with that brush for any reason or just want the brush that is advertised with this pole, give me a shout and I’ll make that happen.

For this new shipment of poles, the brushes that are advertised with them ARE included. The brush that will come with the Ettore AquaClean is a the black dual trim 12" brush with pencil jets.


Our batch of 35’ Ettore poles is slated for delivery tomorrow.

Due to extreme popularity, our order was shorted. We are only getting 1/2 of the poles we ordered.

Many are pre-sold already so don’t get left out. These are priced to move at $599. Give me a call to get yourself one of these great poles today.