3d printing tools

Has anyone ever thought of 3d printing squeegees handles, applicators etc?

I actually spent a bit of time playing with this. I actually printed a couple things but ran into two issues.

First was the limitation of the software to manipulate and actually draw in 3D, I could use AutoCAD pretty well a few years back but now I’m stuck with what I got with my 3d printer. It works but to refine things down to where they would print right was a bit much.

Second was that I’m in Phoenix, AZ and it’s way hot here during the summer. I can’t find it or I’d post a pic, the heat and the standard PLA aren’t a good match. Same for the ABS I tried, but I only have a small 3D printer. Saw a webinar where a commercial machine used actual ABS plastic. My machine is more of something you can prototype with but production quality takes a commercial sized printer.

I ended up printing some hose guides that I use to keep any WFP hose out of sight right where I put it to be sure no one can accidentally trip on it. I made a couple jets and a really crude rinse bar that worked good until I got a tucker brush with one and figured out how to block half the holes so it rinses like I want and doesn’t use much more water than regular in the brush jets. 3D printed tools are a thing though, they actually sell a handle for a brush on here I think that is a big orange 3D printed thing that I can actually make with the printer I have. They can’t really withstand the heat of our summer so they warp but work , just not that great looking after a while. Don’t leave it in the car either.

Gotta say it’s nice to see someone else with some interest in this area. With the right material and printer I think there is a lot of potential as many tools we use should be able to be made and for way cheaper than they cost as well. No need for anyone to worry though, I think we’re a long way form most people being able to buy or use a 3D printer to the point it would actually save them money. Perfecting a 3D print can be hard to do, even using files online (almost anything is on there) that others have printed and commented they worked well.

We made the Hog Handle, Bucket Bro, and multiple thread adapters. We launched our roof washing device The Chariot and were making a spray applicator that will be released in a few days. We will also be making our own rinse bar that has interchangeable nozzles such as pencil,fan,cone etc. You absolutely can print squeegee channels and its on our to do one day. Like Dan said PLA will not work. It breaks down in weather very badly and impact strength is not very good. It would need to be made out of PETG which gives it chemical,if,heat resistance. Its flexible and very strong. Theres so many factors into 3D printing and its a constant learning process. We do prototypes for multiple suppliers all the way to small to medium unit tuns (400 units) and we will never stop learning. Not just how the model is sliced but even the color of the material can affect how its printed. 3D printing is the future for 500 units and below orders. Its not fast just yet but its getting there.

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Hi Brent thanks for posting! - Guys I invited Brent here to comment as he makes some cool stuff! https://windowcleaner.com/c3k-solutions

Wow, that’s pretty impressive that you print all that. I’m the tinkering type so I love trying to 3D print things. It’s almost like an addiction really, once you have been bitten it can consume your time quickly. The rinse bar is a great idea and being able to swap fan jets into one would really help a lot on certain jobs. I’m so glad people are getting into this, it will bring good things to the industry I believe because so many custom things could be made.

We have a pretty decent 3D printer at our office. I haven’t had much success with printing things that get daily, regular, hard use. But I did print a scraper, similar to a plastic razor, with a handle. We needed something to scrape paint off of a high rise job and it needed to be pretty long. I made it 12" out of ABS. The first one lasted about 20 windows before it started to dull. Printed 5 more over the next few days and it made the job a breeze!

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