3rd NEGSA Meeting on Nov 25th

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The last (second) NEGSA Meet was focused on Scratch Maintenance. The 3rd NEGSA Meet will also be at the Poor Peoples Pub in Sanbornville NH on November 25th from 3 to 5. It will focus on the use of four different super-abrasive powders for non-routine window cleaning. That is plastic, silica, cerium, and diamond. The demonstrations will be hands on. Also each product will be explained.

This information is not available anywhere else in our industry. You will not find it on any facebook group. My goal is to work closely with the window cleaners that live close by. I am hoping you come and join us. There is no charge. All we ask is that you come hungry since the PPP is giving us an entire heated room and will be serving us.

Henry Grover Jr.