4" & 6" liquidators

the old video is gone yes as i make the 6 inch in a much more efficient and practical way than before

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Yeah, that’s the one I was looking for. The new one just shows you how to cut the handle not the channel…

Yeah sorry, the link wasn’t working for me for a bit, but works now. Unfortunately the video only shows you how to cut a handle down, not the liquidator channels.

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you just cut it the same as the handle it’s not difficult, use the same hacksaw cut down to the length you want and add the clips. to get the clips to click on just cut a small grove out the channel or file the plastic notch off the end clip that clicks into the channel. The bit most people struggle with is getting the handle to fit a small channel which is what this video shows very clearly.

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Like trad-man said above cut the channel to size (allow for end clip length) in your total length.

And just cut the grove so the end clip can snap in or like trad-man said file down the end clip notch that would normally fit into the channel grove.

Easy Pessy! :wink:

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you should probably use a urethane glue but it will be a virtually permanent bond.

you’ll need to go to an autobody store its the waterproof glue used for windshields

exactly easy peasy :slight_smile:

Version 1.0 is even easier to make a 6 in

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This combination of handle and channel work very well together.


Finally did it! 6 & 3/4 inch liquidator.