4" & 6" liquidators

I get so many little panes these come in really Andy for me. Just cut down liquidator chanles.


Very cool.


This is the handle your using
Unger ErgoTec XL Handle


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@dexter445 how are those clips hanging on for you?

Still not the greatest solution just making them fit tighter. The channel and blue end clip are made out of 2 different materials and when the heat and cool they do it at different rates which make the end caps looser or tighter. I keep a watchful eye over them. And one pops off every other day or so but I always find it. I greatly appreciate all the end cap replacements u have sent me free of charge. I absolutly love the liquidators and have thrown out all my other squgee. I’m still looking for a glue that will bond the end cap to the aluminum but nothing sticks to both. Moerman should find a glue that works and glue them in place. find it

I used Gorilla Glue to glue the blue ends caps on the channel. They will never come off.


This is first class! Exactly what I am gonna do very soon… was wishing I had one of these the other day and had to use my mini Ettore with the rubber flopping on the end and endless detailing… man I wish I had these!!

Do you think the Liquidator channel would work alright in the original brass Ettore handle?

Not with ettorree get the unger xl handles

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This is a nice combo, thanks for the good idea… now I have two mini liquidators for french panes, can cut them to size in the field.


Finally bit the bullet and did it


Would definitely love to see a “how to” on cutting these channels down to size.

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Check this thread @Trad-Man has a how to video posted.

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Took a saw and went at it, then filed it down, it worked with the liquidator 1.0. I don’t think it will work with 2.0

Yes it will work with 2.0 channels, check out the video above that trad man did.


I think he deleted that video… :confused:

He deleted the older one… Not the one that you guys just released.

I just clicked on the link I posted above, and the video plays just fine for me.

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click the link above pal :wink:

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