4 banger or 6

Ok guys heres the deal. I have a Ford ranger that i have been working out of for a while. It doesnt have a full contractor ladder rack, only a side passenger weekender rack and no hose reels or pressure washer, just basic window cleaner stuff like ladders, buckets, tool box etc… I also have a 1998 toyota tacoma prerunner V6 that i was thinking of hooking it up w/ a full set up. Full ladder rack, 3 hose reels with hoses for WFP and pressure washer, mounted pressure washer and tool box. With all that gear in the bed what do you think would be less wear and tear and better gas mileage.

I was thinking the Ford since its a 4banger, but then again the engine will be working harder lugging all that gear around. Or should i hook up the tacoma w/ power to spare.

Or am i over analyzing everything…

Stick with the 4 banger, being it is just a work truck…

ll make your decision tough for ya, sell both and get a v8. lol, J/K

What do you plan on doing in the future? Since you mentioned pressure washer, do you plan on doing this later on? Once you start pressure washing, your need for equipment grows. It’s difficult to keep pressure washing small.

You’ll start wanting a float tank, to make those jobs with low GPM from the faucet go easier. Then you’ll start needing a chemical tank so you can downstream everything. Then you’ll start wanting a heated unit. You’ll probably want to mount all this on a trailer. At least this is what I found with my business.

I’d go with the v6 because of the weight of what you’ll be carrying, or could be pulling in the future. Will there really be all that much difference in the gas mileage?

you know what micah probably not , i think when I compare the gas milage, it might be the same. The Ford has got about 180K on it anyways so, ill stick to the V6. As far as the pressure washing goes, i am going to start out small. Just doing exterior of houses and eves. Im not going to quote any huge jobs until I have the equipment to do so.