4 day work week

I am gradually moving towards a 4 day work week. We get so much rain in Louisiana(we rank 2nd in the nation). This is something I should have done years ago. I have always worked in the rain, but never when it is storming outside. It will be nice having an extra day off each week. That way if we have a stormy day, I can still clean the inside as scheduled. Then go back on my day off and clean the outside.

As many of you know, I don’t handle stress very well. That is the main reason I only clean one house a day. When I have 2 houses in a day, I feel like I need to rush and get to the second house. Now with the 4 day work week, things should run a lot smoother.

Anyone else working 4 days a week with one day reserved for rain outs?

Very similar approach.

2/3 days per week are regular cleanings, which i choose to clean as and when…

Appointment are cleaned when booked and the 2/3 days of regular fit around them.

I can work any 4 of the 7 day week, so long as I have time to myself/spend with my wife (as she works weird hours) it’s the best fit.

The ability to work when I want, to chop and change is why I work for myself. Less stress, less illness.

Glad to hear you are doing something similar. Kevin Dubrosky is the one that really motivated me to make this change. We talked about it on several occasions. It was time for me to do something different.

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It’s not worth the stress! Good for you.

I’m a 1 man show and I work 3-4 days per week for mid April to the end of Nov. Will not work this Winter. Thinking of living in Malaysia with my wife.

I now only squeegee 2 fancy restaurants per week and wfp and pw everything else. Streamlined with no stress. I love my work.

Thanks man! I am a one man show as well. Great to hear you are not working the winter. I would like to eventually only work 2 weeks each month in Jan & Feb(coldest months), July & Aug(hottest months). We will see how that goes. The less stress the better!!! It took me a while to realize that.

We are working 4 3/4 this summer unless we can’t book a day or an afternoon which is rare, but it does happen. We could not book Wed afternoon this week. I must have tried to book it 10 times. No go.

Man I wish I could work four days a week. This time of year I’m in it for seven. Six if I’m lucky. I can see it in your case though with so much rain in your location. I think you have a good idea.

That’s about where we are, technically not by choice.
And the weather doesn’t always give me a full two weeks.

But I’ll tell ya what, it is [B]really nice[/B] to have the time, when it does work out right. :slight_smile:

Me too.
I don’t really mind the 7 days, when it means I’m caught up
and (lets say) just doing finishing touches on my week, overall.

But when it’s Sunday and I’ve gone like 20-some days straight, and I’m still feeling rushed…

  • it’s really tough.

I bet it is nice to have that time off. Especially those 20 degree days! When it does happen, I plan on breaking those 2 weeks up over the month. Maybe work 2 days the first week, 2nd week work 3 days and so on.

THATS more like how we are.
But man, think about how nice it is/would be to have two straight weeks off.

What time is it? It’s “Slacker Time!” :smiley:

I don’t think I could take 2 straight weeks off. I am so active and never sit still. My wife is in nursing school. She would beat me with a pipe if I was home every day for 2 weeks. :grinning:

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We are pretty much a two man crew and I work Tuesday to Friday. I have never let anything encroach on that. I have given up plenty of work but other work still comes right in. When my wife starts working with me this winter we will push for 3 day work weeks. We live very simple so there is no need to make lots of money. We do lots of volunteer work so that’s where our focus is. Can’t imagine working 5 days.

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I started a four day work week when I didn’t have a lot if clients years back.
It has since transitioned into my norm
Due to juggle ing rescheduled jobs around Texas winter and spring weather.
I tried to ALLWAYS make Monday my office day, but that never seems to works .
So my three daze are spread out dureing the week.
It also allows me more time with what’s important at least to me…
Life , family , and friends.

*** I’m no expert,
just been cleaning windows for a while.
Window Cleaning is Just My job, Not My Life…
~ Pompous Basterd

Solo mostly storefront guy here. I book about 30 hours a week and get it all done whenever I can. Flexibility is the key to a low stress lifestyle. As the famous song goes “don’t worry be happy.”

I heard a story about an American business man on vacation on a tropical island. He passed a cottage on the beach and spotted a fisherman sitting on his porch drinking a margarita. His little fishing boat was pulled up on the beach. The American business man struck up a conversation with the fisherman and suggested that he buy a second boat and hire some help and build it up into a real business. Once he had about 10 boats he wouldn’t have to work so hard and he could sit on his porch and drink margaritas. The fisherman turned to the helpful American and said. “But that’s what I’m doing now.”

I have always loved that story. Not enough people take the time to enjoy the fruitage of they’re labor. Why wait till “one day” to retire, part time retire now!

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If I work less than six or seven days a week, this time of year, competition might get wise and think they can beat me out. I don’t think I’m willing to let that happen… :cool:

Live a simple life so you don’t have to work so much and are able to really enjoy life while you have the energy and health to do so.

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The weather around here is so un-predictable that many times I just have to tell customers a general time frame when I can come, their all easy to work around and they understand. Just have to leave a day open here and there and if I don’t work that means I’m can go ride my bike or get out to the lake.