4 Down

I came i this morning to 4 store front cancellation reports on my desk.

We have been losing 1 a day Sense the new year. I wasnt really worried because we are picking up an qual amount. But 4!!! ouch


  1. Corporate is assigning a maintenance company to handle everything

2 / 3) Going out of business this month

  1. Business is to slow may pick back up in the spring

that first one has got me too…urggg!
cleaning crew apparently does windows, there probably going to look like poop, but HEY! it saves them money, screw appearance!

how do you get around that?

always remember, most businesses don’t care if the windows look great, just good enough.

Most of the United States spending is dramatically low, most businesses are getting hit hard.

If I had a store and sales were way down, window cleaning would be one of the first things to go. Our perception is not their reality. Just as we have stopped spending as much, so are they.

Unfortunately I think this will be par for the course in the near future also. I’ve concentrated my efforts on innovative marketing strategies and concentrating solely on residential and the exclusive catering to my existing customer base.

The 3 ft x 5 ft banner I had placed in my gym has already gotten me work. It is a time to lie low and concentrate on keeping your name “out there” in circulation. I see great benefit to keeping the name alive even though the times will not allow a great immediate return.

I’m banking on the long run.

No doubt this economy we are in, is hurting everyone across our nation, and the world. In order to survive as a business owner, as an employee, it makes no difference. We all must learn that we will have to work harder, smarter, more creative, cut back ourselves in order to survive this crisis, the crunch that is hitting us all.

I know many may think that this is a lousy time to start a new business in an area where you don’t really have a great deal of experience. My thoughts are, now is the perfect time. I work very hard, am very determined to learn and be the best, pretty smart when it concerns something I am interested in, and creative, not afraid to think out of the box, and cut back? I have never had much to cut back on, so … that is easy for me.

It may be tough, it may be slow, but … it is a good time to venture into a new business, because many of those that are already existing, wont or don’t know how to change the way they do things and will work themselves out of business too. I will be ready to take on their old clients when things improve!

Change … isn’t that the platform that won the presidency?

Many Blessings!
Joie - N. CA

I had 3 big accounts , 3 and 4 story office bulidings,cancel the first week of jan. Its tough and geting tougher.

It’s going to get worse too. But I believe that when (if?) it gets better, the window washing companys that survived will boom with the customers who now want their windows washed.

Right on we… just need to ride it out… The ones that make it through… will be rockin with work when this is over. Im thinking 2 years.

A good measuring stick will be the ACWC spring mailings.

I am dead set on beating last years, I don’t care about excuses. We’re beating it

Well we got 3 weeks till print… i cant wait for the spring.

you really think that long, ouch…


I have come from a lifetime in the restaurant business. I’ve never seen retail get hit like this. The number of storefronts that went up in the late 80’s, all through the 90’s and until very recently (at in my region) has been incredible. I always said it had to slow down at some point, but I didn’t think this much.

The good news is that when this passes, and it will, every storefront, building, and home will still have windows. Small operations for the most part will not be hiring management companies to do “everything”.

Right now and for the next 2 years (I think you’re right Chris) all the part-time realestate agents, insurance salesmen, window cleaners, etc will be falling off. I certainly don’t wish that upon people, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The part-timers can often be the low-ballers and unprofessional. [COLOR=“Red”]I am speaking generally here. Part-timers are not bad. Mark from Tool Talk started part time. Technically, I started part time. It’s just a generalization. I’m not speaking to any individuals. Please do not take this the wrong way.[/COLOR]

We still live in the greatest country in the world.

i have already began my winter marketing campagin… i have lowered my prices until march 15th… we have put out 5 thousand brochures(resi) so far 2 calls… one would say wow great its two call you didnt have … however i am doing the work for dirt cheap almost 50% my actual cost… i thought i would have alot more calls especially b/c i placed an example of the difference in cost with using this special so the homeowener will see…things are starting to worry me drastically… like a good friend and business owner of 26 years told me yesterday…in the resi market average sale is 250-300… the people who recieve the flyerand see the price break are not going to frown on the 75 dollar savings they will get… they are realistically making the decsision wheter cleaning the windows this year makes sense or should they hold on to the 200 dollars for a rainy day. there is not doubt people will get there windows cleaned…but business will be slow…

SqueegeeKlean, you may see results from the brochures in the Spring time. I know times are tough, but giving away that steep of a percentage is probably hurting you in more ways then helping you.

As a side note, has anybody seen an increase of new window cleaners in their areas? I’m seeing a new company’s card about every week. Some are nice, some are scribbled hand written and xeroxed.

This is a really neat thought. The thought has been this downturn will be survival of the fittest. I think it will be for the most part. But dont forget our business takes about two hundred bucks to start. (outside perception) With many companies laying off our business will look attractive to many. I would expect that many will try and gain entry into the small business world. So all the mor reason to be creative and out of the box as well as keeping your relationships tight with current customers.

IMHO its always survival of the fittest.

Don’t fret just yet, it could be that your flyer design was just a bit weak, and could be redone to be a bit better.

Are you happy with how the flyer looked? (beside the low price part)

yes it is (so says my book) :smiley:

What book??? :smiley: