4 jets on brush?

Aloha everyone
First time poster. I just bought a nlite pole and the hydrotube. My question is how to put 4 jets (2 pencil and 2 fan) on the brush. What do I need?

Only use two at a time. The fan jets work good on glass that the water does not sheet down ( hydrophobic). To install jets just push in and turn. Hope this helps

I just bought a hydrotube. Let us know how you like it. Still waiting for mine.

The Hydrotube is amazing! You can’t go wrong by it. I’ve been running the Nlite Carbon for a couple months now and I love it. It’s a super pole! For hydrophobic glass I run fan jets on the inside for coverage and pencil jets on the outside for precision. Otherwise I run four pencil jets. I love it!

How do you set it up. I have both but I think I need a piece to attach both to the hose. Where can I get it from?

You need more hose and little white connectors. They make it very easy actually. Its called a hose connection kit and I think I paid like $5.00 for each. It consists of two small yellow hoses and a little white connector with three sides. Ask the boys at WCR on chat and theyll hook you up for sure.

PS - Check it: Unger HiFlo nLite Spare Pencil Jets With Hose Connection Kit - Parts / Fittings - Water Fed Poles / Systems

I have that kit. To connect both do I need this?
Push to fit T-Fitting

The hose on the Nlite brush is a larger o/d then the regular 5/16 pole hose, so it will not fit in the standard Push to fit T fittings. I am looking at attaching a short piece of 5/16 to the T fitting (last one remaining open) that comes with the brush then attaching to a Push to Fitting. Have not had a chance yet to try this.

To run all 4 jets at once you will need two short lengths of hose and another t-fitting just like the one on the jets. After installing both sets of jets, put about 2" of hose on the end of each t fitting, then join those two with another 1 fitting. Lastly, hook the pole hose up to the remaining barb, this will allow you to run 4 jets on your brush.

Hope this helps

Update: Pulled out my Nlite brush today was able to attach a small piece of orange Aqua-dapter hose to the Nlite hose barb, with a bit of petroleum jelly on the barb and warming the tube in hot water. Will have to test to see if I need a clip/clamp. Now it can get switched out via a john guest fitting.