4 Story Hotel CCU Tie Off Help Needed

So after reading a number of posts/threads about CCU, and to always bid it in person I decided, naw I’m good with the picture I got of 1 window looking out. I can bid it from that rather than spending $50 in gas and 3.5 hours in drive…

The second thing I was thinking would be a “piece of cake” well I wasn’t really thinking so it just flew over my head, this is 4 stories and there’s silicon on the far edges of the outside panes that I can’t reach…

Fella’s, Vets in the industry, people of knowledge and wisdom, and people who want to say “I told you so” what would you suggest I do?

they’ve already accpeted the bid and I went down close to a 15 hour day yesterday with my employee.

Do OSHA laws apply to the owner of a business?

Are there door anchors I could hook up to each room to stand on the inside ledge to get the fixed exterior pane?

I don’t have highrise gear, and I don’t know the first thing about highrise, alot like I didn’t know what I was getting myself into here…

How many of you have handled 40 ft ladders? IDK what the height of the hotel is. Do they make ladders taller than that?

I guess I could also rent a boom lift, but I’ve never used one before… That scares me to know the mess that could come of it if something went wrong. The closest thing to a boom lift I’ve used is a 20 ft scissor lift, they’re pretty much the same thing right? lol

I’m unsure how to get the high exterior panes, friendly or foe, FIRE away!

operating a boom lift is a piece of cake. its like playing a video game. I’ve seen crackheads and drunks operate one. if they can do it so can you… ( Totally not saying you’re a crackhead or a drunk)

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also ladders that big tend to get very wobbly. been there done that. I
’d say you’re best bet is probably renting a lift.

All I will say on the OSHA issue is use your common sense if your thinking of something that you think may not be the safest don’t do it.

Looks like a shorter four story and a 40 should reach that likely under the window use a standoff spotter at the bottom. This is a construction site anything OSHA wise will be noticed on-site construction guys know proper use of equipment and safety


That’s a pretty big job for two guys. Tie off somehow in the room and pole the fixed one sideways. I had to do one like that before. It works but there again it’s not ideal.

If you choose to tie off inside use a metal framed doorway with this anchor. With this you still need to be educated on fall protection and be capable of explaining your process and technique of tie back and why it would hold you, ratings on the door frame are required just cover yourself. A rescue plan in case of a fall too.

Remember you are on a construction site and not to jeopardise your reputation or chance of future business with this company by working recklessly.

Poling on a ccu will be painfull

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Scissor lifts not going to work on that. You could get by with a 60 ft boom but they are not the same to operate @Frozone I’m assuming you didn’t make the bid high enough to to pay for one? This may be one of the jobs you just take the bite and rent one. Maybe you can talk to the contact to see if they’ll split the price?

You can pole that from the inside if you have to I don’t see why not. Are the Windows all banged up? If so rent the lift. If not like them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t ladder that. Talk about unsafe…

We have a new product for removing silicon https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/silicone-adhesive-remover.html

Thank you for the explanation! Do you think it’d take quite a bit less time to use a boom lift? If it could save enough time it would be worth it to me, because of hotel costs etc.

Yes, and it a lot safer then ladder up to each window unit. There are many benefits to using a boom instead of a ladder.

For ccu without a doubt price them for a lift. Being able to reach the work surface is just smart and most efficient.


Agree on that. You could probably do the third and fourth floor in a day with a 60. Ladder the second floor if you have to.

@anon46335951 @JWilliams @IronLionZion

I just looked up the horizontal reach of a boom lift. I don’t think the horizontal reach is far enough?

they’ve got a pool and stuff going in on one side so I’d have to reach it from the pavement (it hasn’t been paved yet.) Do you guys think horizontal rach would be far enough? I can get exact measurements on how far it would be from the pavement to the building.

Yah, I don’t drink or do drugs… but I suck at video games as well. lol


When in doubt have the rental company salesman out… They know reach and angles for lift work.


I second what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The following is what I’ve found on the OSHA site, is there any other site to learn about this stuff? Or any specific spot on the OSHA site to educate myself on it?

Thanks again guys!

There are training courses to learn this from. They are offered in many states and will run from $500-$1000 per person. Classes are 8 hours to 1 -2 days.

“Technically” most states require users of lifts to have the appropriate certification or training and same with rope access or swing stage users.

Do the windows open? Often, because of jumpers, hotels don’t have operable windows above first floor.

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They open about 4 inches. there are blocks screwed into the top with a safety torx bit.

Welp, That’s good to know.

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