42" ninja channel

Any reviews? Mark???

Largest width I,ve used is 36" but only use it once or twice a year as I do mostly commercial. It is a great time saver for those large commercial panes like car dealerships.

Sounds good. I can’t even wrap my head around the idea of a need for it. Btw this needs to. Be a tool talk

well my Tool Talk n Ninja channels did cover the 36" so the same thoughts should apply. http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/tool-talk-mark-window-cleaner/14221-tool-talk-mark-window-cleaner-episode-52-ninja-channel.html

Btw, loved you in Boogie Nights!

I have tried a 48" of a different brand that starts with S and I could not keep it onthe glass. In some cases the glass had a slight bow in it and this caused areas that the blade would skip over .

When squeegeeing large panes using the Ninja, you can put the rubber in the upper slot as more rubber hanging out allows it to conform to the glass.

Thats giagantic 42"

I really like the 36" for S curves on large panes. It can be extremely fast with a guy really setting the pace wetting ahead of you. I think I would find myself in the hospital if I tried a 42" free hand. That’s a big blade for a pull down too. For the 36" I chisel out the center slot in my holster so it rides low, keeping the center of gravity low. I wouldn’t know where to carry a blade that long. I’d end up hurting myself before I even used it!

There’s got to be a guy out there with one that’s tried to free hand with it. Please post on YouTube! Haha

[SIZE=3]Have not tried a 48inch squeegee as yet.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

However had success with a 34inch squeegee.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

But found if you do not wet the whole pane on glass that it then becomes a problem.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

This is why made a 36inch scrubber.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Once you work out how to do the two handed thing you are right.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

This is how we squeegee with the 34inch one.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]


Haha I knew Youd have somthing from watching you earlier. Funny stuff


Karl, do you carry it in the tube on your back? We have a couple young bucks that would love to carry a huge blade like that, whip it out scaring some poor old lady, and start going to town free hand on some strip mall! They would get a kick out of that. Lol
It is a very good solution for carrying.

I own the same squeegee and had the same problem with skipping even when using it in all the slots. I’m thinking of cutting it into smaller squeegees.

The metal clamp goes in your boab of choice & holds the carrier out more so you don’t trip over it & easier to whip out being further away from your body. Going “Archer” style would be groovy though.

I have a 30" ninja and it works, but I find the damn end clips are always in the way on closing out higher up.

I also think 30" is the largest somewhat practical size I’ll ever use, anything larger and it’s just clumsy and counterproductive. Covering more ground is not the only concern. I love my 24", although not a ninja, it’s very practical and a great size for those larger panes without the clumsy factor.

I just want the 22" everyone keeps buying them and still waiting on back order