4th person this week. This normal?

So I asked if I could speak to the manager of my gym this morning. She asked why I mentioned to give a window cleaning bid.

She said I was the 4th person in the last week to ask to give a bid. Is that normal?? lol. that just seems like a lot. but… I know there are lots of fish in the sea…

lots of people looking for some xmas cash I bet. When we phone prospect I hear that occasionally. When we delivery our proposal they are always surprised and tell me that out of the x calls, we were the only ones to actually deliver a number on paper.

So, dont’ sweat that to much. Just do what you say you are goign to do and you’ll be 90% ahead of everyone else.

I have definitely heard that a lot. I have also heard that we were the only ones to show up and actually give a written estimate. Just be the one that stands out and the job is yours.

Don’t get discouraged. Keep knocking on doors. Eventually the other guys will get tired out. You go from hearing about 4 to 3, to 1. Then it’s just you doing the sales. It’s about being hungry and getting the work. If you are hungry enough you will find the areas and clients the other guys didnt bother with!

We have 9 gym customers, I offer a small discount on the windows in exchange for a gym membership and include free mirror cleaning. I have yet to have no. They all go 1x a month. Find an easy incentive to approach them with :0

So you are a member of 9 gyms? You must stay in pretty good shape.

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I could be in better shape, if I’m on one side of town that day I know I can go to to the closet gym :slight_smile: it’s nice though cause I advertise specials up front on te desk for Residential’s