I normally hate self congratulatory bull#$*!

But it looks like we are going to hit a all time, post high this month 5,500 ish, probably a tad more or so posts…

We are currently getting a little over 3,000 different window cleaners a day checking in here… Im pretty happy with that. Below is a little traffic map that shows our traffic over the past 2 year. The ups the downs, the spikes and what caused them… ( october 2007 - today ) thanks all

No other WC’er forum compares. Period.

Well said Larry

Mazel Tov!

So when are you guys gonna do the video of the post reviews and whats goin’ on in the world of WCR? Those were pretty cool…

The nation videos?

Yay for WCR!

Any statistics on what the post count would be if the +1 posts were removed? :slight_smile: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Congrats to you guys for having such a great forum for us to interact on.

The only WC Forum that has a traffic map…how cool!:smiley:

I dont need no stinkin direction…lol

Good for WCR! Chris, definitely the best forum. very open and encourages posting. great wealth of info! Look forward to this printing company and everything else coming up!

To quote a famous movie from Iowa - “If you build it, they will come!”:wink:

The only reason that movie is any good is because Fenway is in it.:smiley:

Oh and Congrats Chris and Alex.