5 Fails by Angie’s List

Why “Soft Skills” are Key to Customer Service Success Editor’s Pick! (by Bob Thompson) - One might think that a small company like Angie’s List (~$100 million/year) would outperform e-commerce giant Amazon.com (~100 Billion/year) on customer service. Sadly, no.
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I don’t understand this article. The premise is Angie’s List provided bad customer service. Except it wasn’t bad, the Angie’s List policy is no refunds after 30 days.

Amazon will usually refund you at the drop of a hat, because that is their policy. All those points about how to do good customer service don’t apply because the Amazon “script” says something like grant all refunds under $200 as long as not requested more than 2x a year.

It was just a flawed basis for the article. Also, the author talks about building a “genuine relationship”. There is nothing “genuine” about Amazon customer service. They are highly trained professionals who use scripts that were developed by psychologists, accountants, and behavior specialists. They don’t refund you out of the goodness of their heart, it is because an accountant did the math and says they can recoup that loss from your future purchases.