50 ft coress powerwand for sale

Hey guys. I inherited a coress powerwand from the guy who got me started in this business. I’ve never had to use it, never wanted to because its pretty heavy. It looks to be in ok condition and probably would make a great back-up pole for someone. I put pictures from powerwand’s website on this post for your viewing pleasure. If your really interested, I can take detailed pictures of my wand and e-mail them to you. It comes with all the parts( I don’t know much about it) that I know of, except for the gun. Also, a 16’ hogs hair brush.

Make me an offer! I’ll be honest, I have no idea what it’s worth and I need a few extra bucks for advertising. Thanks a lot!

Here ya go…

out of interest [B]what is it made of?
50ft?..what does it weigh.[/B]

I’ll tell you from the start that i won’t be buying it from you though despite my enquiry, i’m just asking q’s out of interest…shipping to me would be astronomical

Aircraft grade aluminium…& heavy.
I think they went bust.

Oh right, ye i never heard of them, was looking at their website there and was wondering why they never branched out to WFP or something.

That would explain it.

these were intended for the pressure washing market.

Its very heavy. Both poles(probably 4-5 10ft sections each)Probably weigh 80-100 lbs(Maybe more). I Inherited it from this guy who gave me his window cleaning equipment for next to nothing. Long story short, this came with all of that

If somebody has a pole that is similiar, maybe it would work for them? It’s taking up space in my garage right now. :slight_smile:

Could you give me the link Rob, I thought they had dissappeared a couple of years back.

I just typed coress powerwand into google…

and this link came up


Then click on the powerwand symbol.

the site was last updated in march 2008.

and it says “Coress Solutions Inc. is now PowerWand Manufacturing Inc.”
so it looks like they probably went out of business but were taken over


Thanks buddy.

I’m just curious and you don’t have to answer but I have to ask. Who did you get your stuff from in ABQ? Wondering if I know him.

Hey Scott,

I didn’t get the stuff from ABQ… I cleaned windows P/T in Dallas, TX while I was a manager of a couple of Quality Inns. The guy I helped was transitioning into another business and he basically gave me all of his equipment for next to nothing.

On another note, glad to talk to you finally. I see you driving around. We’re competitors, but we can still be friendly. I’ve met a couple of your clients(inadvertantly) and they seemed pretty happy. Good job, bro!


nice to talk to you too. nothing wrong with friendly competition.

I have just registered to this community and I am looking for a powerwand I know its been some time since you posted but I dont suppose you still have it for sale? Im based in the UK.