6 Window balance replacements $765 cha Ching cha Ching

Did a job today replacing 6 window balances so 12 in all (1 on each side of the window) took less than an hour and pick up both of their neighbors for a total of 13 windows to do balance replacements on. Is anyone else doing this. I’ve been doing it for years and it is a CASH COW.

How much for materials? Where can I find out more about this?

Please teach us good sir!

So whatcha got going on…

Window balances run between $4.50 to 6 or 7 bucks a pop plus shipping. You get them from cr Laurence. Spiral balance tool need for the block or channel balances I just reused their balances shoes and re revit them. I charge $195 for the first balance and $95 each additional balance and that replace both sides so 2 balances per window. I’ll see if I can find a video in it. No one out here really does it so if ur window doesn’t go up and stay up and u want it fix they come to me. Sometime a channel balances fall out on one side or both if the balances r still good which they r in most case I just reinstall and charge $95 for the visit

Is there a particular range of sizes, etc? And how brand specific are the balances…ie does one type work for most windows?

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I guess what I’m asking is what would you recommend as a basic setup to get started offering this service?

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This is an interesting add on. Please post video for the less informed. Thanks.

Very interesting.

Fill this thread with more info! I’m interested

Window balances air the things that help the window to up and. Stay up. Over time they can fail and break. There is no just 1 window balance for every window they come in sizes from like 14" to 30". Spiral balances have a plastic color code on top of the tube which tells u the weight Chanel balances r better and faster to replace. Each balance has a foot or shoe that denotes the type of window it is for. Tilt in windows have certain shoe, spiral balences have a couple types of shoe. Cr Laurence carries them under window balance or channel balance I think. I charge $195 for the first window balance we replace and $95 for each additional balance needed. If the client is good with that then I go out to look at them. I always take at least 1 of the balances with me so I make wire I order the right kind. If they have 3 different sized window balances then I take one of each. The only tools u need r a flat head, drill with a Phillips head and a spiral balance winder. The last one puts tension on the spiral balance. I’m trying to find the video where I learned about it to post. The last thing is on channel balences I ordered the rivits and rivet tool so when I get my new Chanel balances I drill the rivits on the old balances remove the top and bottom shoe and then put them on the naked balance slide in the rivit bang it with the rivit tool and hammer and their ready for install. It’s easier to reuse their shoes than order news ones because there are so many u can easily order the wrong thing

interesting. I have fixed these in the past as well as the older style double hung with a weight inside of the jams. This has never occurred to me that I could add this to my business. Nor did I realize CT Lawrence had parts.
Thanks for the insite