$7.00 a window in San Diego

Seems a bit low to me but I guess it works for the other guys

tracks/screens included “for free” like those east coasters do?

That is the going rate. Not for all but for a window cleaning business that is the cost.
Inside outside and screens

Hard to rap my head around it but I guess they are happy with it.

I don’t charge by the window but if I did it would average a bit higher than 11-14

$10-20 is the running rate around here (NYC Metro).

Most include screens and sills.

Exactly , just give a price for the dam job . Who cares what these other numb nuts charge. The other guy was 6 a wondow, Then get the other guy.
When someone calls me , An says I have an they know exactly to the Tee what they have therr price shopping hang up.

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That’s why it’s so hard to build a profitable, above the table, window cleaning business here in San Diego.

I’m all about paying my guys a good wage , these low prices on all resi work is not doing anyone any favors.
I can see a 100 window home getting a better rate but standard 7 per window including screens is surprising to see


Start charging more. I’m in San Diego… Ive been raising my price every year for the last 3 year’s. People tell me all the time that I’m too expensive and I tell them okay…if you change your mind give me a call. If we all start raising our prices then it will become tge new norm.


I asssure you my charges are competitive amung quality professionals but when a customer tells me they are going with a business that is at 7 a window i understand the customer but don’t see how that business will stay in business. Not going to name the $7 biz but I would like to know why they choose to go so low.

Are we talking per pane or double hung?

Large windows , 2 pane . It not all but quite a few companies are charging these low prices.

I guess I run into the prices here once in a while… mostly solo guys just making some extra money.

Becuse there insecure , they have no sense of worth. Therr atraid ti hear therr prices are to high. They have no balls anther words . They don’t have any ambition either . There in there comfort zone an it feels good there.
It also could be therr new , An don’t know any better , An soon will be out of business.

I think most are from the store front market and feel that that’s what you are supposed to do . I honestly think very few actually take to the next level.

Wow. I just got started in window cleaning and am charging per window. It’s kinda a pain calculating but until I get my flow down. I bid this one job I subcontracted for a company with and they charged a ridiculously low rate I found out through the home owner. Also through the home owner he claimed it was the going rate for windows inside/out, screens, sills, exterior frames. My bid for all of that was 2.5X the rate the contractor charged. I’m in Austin, Tx. My bid was $140ish for 20-25 windows & 4-8’ windows/sliding doors.

that’s housecleaner/maid rates


To clarify $140 for exterior only. And yeah I figured as much.

exterior of 25 windows with exterior screens + 4 double count slider size windows with double size screens (= 33 equivalent windows total) would be $250ish for most

SD must be absolutely saturated beyond belief with every surfer window cleaner wannabe around

funny thing is those 3000 sft homes are generally going for over a mil or even close to 2 mil

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The cost of a home can’t depict the cost of the window cleaning service

And I’m sure you’re correct many guys are surfing and washing glass