7 day rain guarantee

Simple question, how do you guys feel about this?

3 day…

My only guarantee is… it will rain. Because I’m in Florida and it’s summer.


We do 30 day, haven’t had to follow up with anyone in 10 years due to rain

Where are you located? Does it not rain too much where you are? @ProWindowCleaning

If anyone is reluctant to have their dirty windows cleaned because they might get wet from rain, I simply say “Rain is pure water and won’t dirty your windows - you get that over time from not having your windows cleaned.” “If your windows get dirty after a wind blown storm, call me and I will touch up any affected exterior windows.” In 14 years I have only had to honor that once and it was 4 of those long windows that extend to just 6 or 7 inches above the ground - dirt splattered up on the lower portion. Took me about 10 minutes of show up, clean off, happy customer on a $500 job. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes at the end of their day?


so is this more of a verbal guarantee then? or is there something on your website or somewhere else that you have a formal guarantee for this as well?

Hardly anyone ever asks, so it only comes up if someone says “We’ll wait until after the rainy season”. …(Hah - no, I work year around.)… That is when I offer the carrot “If your windows get dirty from rain in the next 7 days I will come back and clean those affected windows for free”. 1 customer out of 14 years of window cleaning cost how much averaged out over that period of time?


You live in Fla though. It rains for 1 hour then the sun comes out. All the time
I do what you say. Only use it if I have to. I tell people we wok in the rain all the time no worries one rain storm won’t get the windows dirty, then after that if they still are weary I give them the rain guarantee.

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5 day rain guarantee
used it 5 times in 4.5 yrs.
It keeps appointments on the books.
If the chances are above 15% I reschedule. Las Vegas folks are really afraid of rain. They are always so happy I “checked” for them.
I also let them know if they choose to clean on a rain day that I’ll only touch up lower windows, NO UPPERS.

Massachusetts, it rains plenty here… this year has been pretty dry though

HAHAH We used to be able tell what time it was by when the afternoon rains started at 4:00 pm, I think it is like 2:00 pm now - sometimes.
Yesterday it was after 6:00 pm and my area got like 5 inches and a couple trees down the street blew over. Summertime we often get sun showers, last about 20 minutes to an hour. In high heat like we have now, intense storms flare up and last from an hour to several hours - just depends on which way the wind blows. It’s sunny right now (12:40 pm) but it looks like a storm blowing in off the Gulf - probably hit between 2:pm and 4:pm? Hope it isn’t another 5 incher!

Still, living in the sub tropics rain happens. I often convince people that it isn’t the pure water rain that makes their windows dirty. Once I can get their attention and fully explain the whole dirt process and pure water out of the sky they get it. It’s the dry season that actually dirties the windows! LOL Shhhh, they’ll boycott nice days too if you tell them! lol Pollen season I understand; everything is yellow just days after an expensive clean. Selling maintenance cleans at a reduced priced after full price first clean helps keep the windows clear and clean. Some just refuse at that time, others say “Just please clean it”. Everyone s different.

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