700 Windows/Gardiner Modular 56 ft +

Does anyone have any experience with adding a few base sections to the Gardiner Modular 56’ pole? I have the feeling that it wouldn’t be recomended, but I do know that it has been done.

I’m looking to reach the seventh story on the building below. It has over 700 double hung windows and I would like to use a lift as little as possible. But will most likely need one for part of the building.


Why not ask Alex Gardiner (a here) directly?

I asked Shawn this Summer; it’s not a warranty-supported activity, I believe.

I have heard of half a dozen or so different operators doing this very thing.

Only pole on the market capable of accomplishing it.

I have foggy memories of doing this… Oh yes, yesterday. Not the most practical thing to do and I wouldn’t do it for a picky client on the 7th floor…
But now the 6th floor feels easy. I only had half a dozen 7th storeys to do.
I added 2 sections to my super lite. It was old enough that I assumed the warranty was over anyway.
Call me if you want to talk.

Sub out a high rise guy.

Josh, that’s not always the answer. In my case it was a hi rise company that hired ME. The anchors were not installed properly in this fairly new building.

If you’re gonna have a lift on the job site you’re over thinking this

I agree that if a lift is there, you will get a better job done that way on the 7th floor.